Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday Morning

I love Saturdays. It's my favorite day of the week. It always has been. I guess it's knowing that I have Sundays off from work, too, and I can basically do what I want. I usually fix a nice breakfast. Today, I am fixing scrambled eggs with bacon and cheese wrapped in a tortilla. I like to go shopping on Saturdays and then on Sundays, I like to stay home and watch the Rams play. This year they are terrible, but I still watch.

Today, my favorite website is down. The server is being moved and it will not be back up until tomorrow night. I'm so glad they scheduled this for a weekend because I can distract myself with other things easier than during the week. I am on the computer at least 8 hours a day for work and while I'm holding on the phone (my job is heavy into phone work) I check out Greytalk.

Tomorrow, our greyhound group Greyhounds Companions of Missouri is holding their annual reunion. This will be Scout's first year going since she was adopted the day before the reunion last year. Jack and Scout both enjoy seeing other greyhounds, so it should be a fun day of mingling, shopping, raffles and maybe game playing.

Beach Life Is The Best

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