Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Comings and Goings

This is our 1,200 Post!  Too bad that it is not more interesting.  BOL!

Most campers agree that part of the fun of living in a campground is watching people come and go.  The most entertaining part is usually watching people arrive and setup.  Yes, it doesn't take much to entertain us.  BOL!  The first week we were here, no one came or went.  BORING!  The second week we actually saw people leave.  Last Friday, a lady came in with a big fifth wheel.  Her site was across from us.  Mama saw that she was having problems, so she went outside to try and help her.  The lady was beyond frustrated.  There was a passenger who stood outside, but did not give her any hand signals.  Mama tried to help her, but she was beyond help at that point.  There was a crowd of people standing outside just watching.  Mama was aggravated that none of the men offered any help. The campground owner showed up and he actually took over the driving for the woman.  It actually took him several tries before he was able to get the fifth wheel backed in.  It turns out the lady had three kids and three dogs in the truck.  Wow!  I bet she was stressed before she even tried to back that rig in its spot.  She left on Sunday and while it took her a very long time to get ready, she left without any issues.

Yesterday, an older man and his wife moved into the site. He had a ton of problems, too!  The owner had to come out and help him.  We have decided the large rocks lining the road must be the issue.  He finally just drove through the grass and backed in that way.   It took him at least ten tries.  He left this morning, so we will probably get to see someone else do it later.  It was sure a lot of work for someone just spending the night.

Saturday, Dad ended up going into work for a problem.  He was there all day.  As soon as he got home, he left again for dinner.  The folks went to Momma's Catfish and Pies.  It is a hole in the wall place.  Mama had chicken fried steak, fried green beans and mashed potatoes.  Dad had blackened catfish.

 They both said it was good.  Mama really liked the fried green beans.  She dipped them in ranch dressing.  No pictures of Dad's food.  He ate it before Mama realized.  No leftovers for us.

Sunday, the folks decided to drive to the George W. Bush Library so that Mama could get her Presidential Library passport book stamped. They had visited last year, but she didn't have a passport book then.  They had to pay $7 to park and then they had to go through security, and then stand in line for the stamp.  BOL!  Was it worth it?  I guess so.  It is the only way to get the book stamped and she wanted it done.  She only has to do one more to have all the stamps of the libraries that they have visited, which is five.  There are eight that they have not seen.  She also bought a magnet which was $7.95.  She collects magnets and is now collecting them from every Presidential library. 

George W. Bush and his father.

Outside the museum.
This is the all important stamp.
They then drove to their favorite Mexican restaurant in Texas, Pappasitos. 

Steak Burrito - no cheese in their burritos which is odd to the folks.  Also, fajitas do not have green peppers.  It seems to be a Texas thing.
 We are ready for Halloween or you?

The Greyhound Who Needs To Dust Off His Halloween Costume

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