Thursday, September 18, 2014

Where Are We Now?

We left Missouri on Sunday.  We drove for about ten hours and spent the night in Oklahoma City.  The place we stayed was just off the highway and it was cheaper than most places.  However, we ended up having to buy an additional sewer hose from them because the way their pull-thrus were set up, our two hoses were not long enough.  Yep, we needed three hoses.  It turned out not to be cheaper after that, but Dad said we needed a new hose anyway.  Mama wasn't sure how safe the park was. She thought we were next to a housing project, but Dad said it was a motel.  Yep, it was a motel, but they definitely need to hire someone to pick up the trash from the yard.  Also, we saw some people going through the dumpsters before the sun came up. 

The next day, we only had about a two and half hour drive.  Wow!  That is a short drive for us.  We stopped at one gas station and that was it.  It was an easy drive except we passed the entrance to our campground because Tom Tom said it was on the left and it was really on the right and the entrance was not well marked.  We were on a Farm to Market Road so we were concerned about finding a place to turn around.  Finally, we found a cowboy church with a huge parking lot and we were able to turn "Meredith" and the Jeep around. 

Where are we?

Yep, we are back in Texas and let me tell you, it is HOT!  It should be better next week, but this week we are in the 90's with high humidity and dew points.  We are hoping for some rain today.

There was some confusion when we arrived here.  They were sold out and the people who were in our reserved site decided not to leave.  Mama didn't think it was right that they were allowed to stay since we have been in places where we were told we had to leave if someone else had reserved our site.  They had someone who had reserved a spot for a month and left.  He had asked for his money back and they said no.  They decided to give us his spot. They attempted to contact him several times without a response.  Dad didn't want to set up all the way until we knew for sure we could stay in the spot.  Dad finally told them that if they couldn't tell us the spot was ours, we were going to leave.  They finally decided that if the guy came back, he would have to be moved elsewhere.  They also gave him his money back to smooth things over.

There is a large amount of land here, but not that many campsites.  Probably 98% of the people here are long term.  We haven't seen anyone new come in since our first day.  There is one open spot now.  The camp hosts are very nice, but the residents keep to themselves.  We might meet people when the weather cools off.  A few people have waved to us, but most people ignore us.  I guess they don't take kindly to outsiders.  One lady kind of grunted to us.  Mama said she did the same to the host, so it is not just us.

The most unique thing about the park is they have alpacas.  They also have a dog that doesn't want us to get close to his alpacas.  Scout wants to run with the dog, but Mama told us he is not playing with us when he runs back and forth.  It looks like he is playing to us.

Yesterday, we visited the dog corral.  That is what they call the dog run.

Us in the dog corral.
We will take more photos when it cools off.  The buildings here are pretty neat looking.

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