Monday, September 29, 2014

Where Have All Our Blogger Friends Gone?

We have noticed in the past year that several of our favorite bloggers have either quit or really scaled back on their blogs. Okay, we haven't been blogging as much either, but we think it is their fault. If they were still blogging we would feel more motivated.  Yep, that is our story and we are sticking to it.  BOL!  We miss our blogger friends and we have thought of quitting too.  However, our blog is now a record of our travels (2.5 years today!) and we like to refer back to it and remember those trips.   So, for now we will continue, but we don't like to blog about nothing or repeat the same sort of thing time after time so that is why our blogging isn't as much right now.

So, what is new with us?  Well, we are still at the ranch living with the alpacas.  We have learned that the guard dogs are submissive to the alpacas and that is the way it is supposed to be.  It doesn't make since to us.  Gus, the main guard dog, does not like dogs and he will bark his head off at us.  Recently, they added Clarabelle to help Gus.  The vet said that he was loosing too much weight running along the fence keeping dogs away from his alpacas.  He is training Clarabelle.  Clarabelle got in big trouble from him for putting her front feet on the fence so that Mama could pet her.

Gus getting ready to tell Clarabelle she is being bad.

Clarabelle trying to get some attention.


Mama was given all the names of the alpacas, but the paper got wet and the ink ran so no more names.  BOL!
Close up of alpaca.
The weather has been cool in the mornings, so we have been enjoying time outside.  It has been pretty boring except last week we heard rustling of leaves and then a dog screaming and then a rabbit came through the fence right at us.  Yep, that was pretty darn exciting!

I hear something!

A rabbit and a dog! 

I decided to get closer to the action, but then I got attacked by ants.
Scout wasn't impressed by the rabbit.
Last night, Dad worked on our portable AC unit.  We are testing it today to see if it works any better.  It seems to be so far, but we will know better in a few hours. 

Pretty, don't you think?  BOL!
He put a plastic box on the the side vent. Inside the box are two hoses.  There are a total of three hoses now and they all go into a window.  I think the two hoses bring in air and the one hose pushes air out or maybe it is the other way around.  Eventually, we want to add an AC unit to our roof and then we will get rid of the portable AC.  It is always nice to have a spare AC unit. 

Mama says we have more to say, but we will save it for another day.  If we don't we probably won't have enough material for another blog post this week.  BOL!

Oh, before we go, I am supposed to say this:  HAPPY GOTCHA DAY, SCOUT!  Seven years ago today, she made her way from Tulsa to St. Louis and moved in with the folks and Jack. I wasn't even alive when she did all that.

Scout being told it is her Gotcha Day.  She then demanded a treat.  BOL!
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