Monday, September 22, 2014

Life At The Ranch

It is rather boring here.  We have been staying inside as much as possible due to the heat.  It was 95 yesterday.  The Rams played the Cowboys yesterday, so the folks stayed home with us and watched it.  The Rams were winning 21-0 and then they blew it.  It was a great game according to the Cowboy fans here.  BOL!

Mama has been telling Dad that she thinks using the portable AC unit along with our regular AC actually makes it warmer in here.  He didn't believe her until yesterday. The bedroom was 85 and the living area was 80.   He came up with an idea to add a second hose to it. She Googled it and sure enough other people have done the conversion. She hopes Dad will try it.

Today, it is actually cooler, so we were able to sit outside.

Oh, would you like to see our site?

We have a pretty big yard.
Want a quick tour of our campground?

This is the office.

Laundry room.  It is really nice.

There are still more areas to take photos of, so we need to do that sometime.

We were approached by the paparazzi today.  Yep, some people asked if they could take our picture.  We demanded to be petted for payment.

Mama was finally able to catch up on all of Dad's laundry.  She asked him to wash it before he left Florida since he had a washer and dryer in his room. He told her it would just get wrinkled in his luggage.  She asked him if he could wash his whites then.  He washed his work socks, but then he left them behind.  They had to go out and buy him new socks and then she had to wash those.  He did not save her any time. The biggest problem with doing laundry is that Mama doesn't like to dry Dad's clothes, so she hangs them to dry. There is only so much room to hang things.  She figured out a solution though. She took suction cups and hung them on the mirrored closet doors.  Dad hung other hooks over the bed.  She can easily hang about 10 things in the bedroom and two things in the living room.  It looks a little cluttered, but it works.

This is how the bedroom looked almost every day last week while Mama caught up on the laundry.
Oh, why didn't she use the laundry room here?  It is a pretty long walk even with her wagon.  Buddy needs gas, so she can't use him.  She still would have to hang the clothes here to dry, so it is just easier to do it in our washing machine.

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