Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A New Normal

We are trying to create a new normal as we go on without Scout.  Mom and I have been walking a lot more.  We normally walk at least three miles a day.  That may not seem like much, but we are walking in a very hilly area and the temperatures have been high with high humidity.  We do our longest walk early.  I hate to admit this, but I am getting OLD.  Mom is wearing me out. 

This past weekend, I got to go for two rides!  Saturday, I went with the folks to the post office.  We are not allowed to receive mail here at the park, so Mom had our mail sent "General Delivery" to the post office.  We had a heck of a time finding the post office as it was hidden down a side street.  It took Mom forever to come back to the car because the lady had the post office was very talkative.  Mom said she was sweet as could be, but she works alone and is lonely.  Mom asked how long they hold "General Delivery" mail and she said only a few days.  Mom told her that with their hours being so short and her not having a car, it is hard to get to the post office. The lady told her to fill out a "hold mail" card and that way no one would send her mail back.  Mom never knew that was an option, so now we know for our future travels.  We now use the scanning mail service that Escapees offers, so Mom knows if there is anything important that we need in the mail.  If it is just a letter, it can be scanned opened and you know what it says.  This time, our mail had medication, so it was important we received it.

The folks dropped me off after the post office ride and they went to the Amish Marketplace.  They were disappointed in it.  The prices were higher than the grocery store.  They really liked the Amish butcher shop they visited in Indiana and hoped this one would be the same.

Sunday, the folks had planned to visit a museum.  The temperatures were supposed to be in the high 90's and they decided it might be best to stay closer to home.  We have a generator that kicks on if we loose electricity and that way I will not be without air conditioning, but they were still concerned to leave me.  They decided to take a trip to a state park and they said I could go.  We left early on Sunday morning before it got too hot.

Where are we?  We are at Rock State Park. 

This is the King and Queen Seat.  A ceremonial gathering place of the Susquehannock Indian. It is a natural 190 foot rock outcrop.
Mom and I didn't climb too far, but Dad did.  He said it would be easy to fall off.  Actually, last week, a boy did fall off a cliff at this park.

Here I go.

I am rock climbing!

Mom said that was far enough, so I am coming down.

The view from the top.  Dad took photos.

We then hiked to a waterfall.

It was a fun adventure, but it wore me out.

We heard this morning that Dave The Dog sent his Mom a sign.  It was a rainbow over their house.   Miss Scout hasn't sent us a sign yet.

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