Tuesday, July 7, 2015

We Are In Maryland

Sunday morning, we took off for our next adventure.  We drove for about nine hours and spent the night in a KOA near Buckeye Lake in OH.  We were very impressed with our site.  It included a swing, table and chairs and flowers.  It ranks up there with our favorite site which was in Naples, FL.  Here is a link with photos of our favorite spot: Our favorite site.   The place in OH was pricey though.  Yikes!  Dad said after taxes it was $75.  We even used our KOA discount.  We stayed there because it was easy to get to and we had driven enough for one day.

This was our site:

Some of the sites were even nicer with more landscaping and plants.  At first, Mom said she wouldn't mind staying here for longer because the town was really nice and there were a lot of restaurants around.  However, Mom changed her mind when we started walking around the campground.  We were on our way to the dog park when we were attacked by mosquitoes.  It was terrible.  They were buzzing our ears and landing all over all of us.  I didn't even get to stop at the dog park.  We walked fast.  It reminded us when we stopped at a park in Florida and there was a mosquito meter that said to "RUN!"  We thought it was a joke, but it was not.  Anyway, we noticed they were mainly where the trees were, so after that, we tried to stay more in the open areas when we walked.  We didn't sit outside and wasted that nice patio because Mom was fed up with the mosquitoes.

Monday, we made our way to Maryland.  The PA toll road cost us $56.60.  Mom actually thought it was going to be more.  We have five axles now, so it is more expensive than our old rig. 

We finally arrived at our campground.  It took Dad a long time to get us registered.  He had to sign all sorts of papers. There are a ton of rules here, but nothing really crazy.  When we arrived at our site, Mom noticed the trees Dad would have to get around to park us.  He tried four times and Mom said it just wasn't going to work for us.  There was a tree that was in our site that we just couldn't get around.  If we could have pulled forward more, we could have done it, but there were wooden posts blocking us.  Dad took the Jeep to the office to see if another site was available.  As soon as he left, a man pulled up and asked if he was getting a different site.  Mom told the man he was.  The man said "I knew there was no way in hell he your rig was going to fit in there.  I have another site for you."  It turned out that he was the owner.  He told Mom he had a pull-thru for us.  He called the office and got it all straightened out.  Dad came back and the owner directed us to our new site.  The only thing we don't like about our site is that our steps are high up.  We have a portable step that we use in cases like this.   We have a nice view.  We do not have shade, but that means our satellite works great.  It is a give and take, you know.

This is our view.

Storm clouds were moving in last night.
Mom and I walked to the dog park this morning.  Scout wanted to stay in bed.  She is fine, but tired from our trip.  She stays behind a lot of mornings which is fine with me.  I like my alone time with Mom.
It's pretty big!

See me?  I am way in the back.

Tennis courts are in the background.
Here are the tennis courts.
This is a wooded site. There are a lot of wooded sites here.

These sites have covered picnic tables.
There are a ton of things to do here.  They have basketball courts, horseshoes, mini golf, golf practice range, game room, roller racer court, a huge pool, ball field, entertainment center, outdoor movies, crafts on weekends and other special activities. They also have a nice snack bar that looks like a small restaurant.  I know there are other things here, but that is all I can think of right now.  Mom is excited about the Christmas in July weekend because an Elvis impersonator will be performing.  I don't think Dad is as excited as she is about that.

We will take more photos as we explore the park.

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