Thursday, July 16, 2015

Scout - 11/19/05 to 07/15/15

Scout is gone.  She passed peacefully last night at 8 p.m. in a dimly lit room with three sofas and a fireplace. I couldn't have asked for nicer surroundings for her final moments.

My all time favorite photo of Miss Scout

When the vet told us that Scout had about eight weeks left (which was exactly right), I told Scout she could have whatever she wanted.  Boy, did that girl listen.  She demanded treat after treat. Peanut butter was her favorite for taking her meds.  I thought cheese might be a good change, but unfortunately I didn't buy her Kraft cheese this past weekend and she let me know that the new brand was not up to her standards.  Homemade frosty treats were her all-time favorite and she had so many in the last few days. She even ate two on the way to the vet.  She also dined on chicken last night. I thought my sign that she was ready to leave us would be when she quit eating, but that didn't happen.  The girl had a huge appetite.

Her favorite toy.

When I was looking for a girl to adopt, I told the group I wanted a petite, fawn girl.  Somehow I ended up with a 82 pound, brindle girl.  She was very much a tomboy.  She came with the name Scout and refused to adapt to the name I wanted to call her which was Katie.  In the end, she won and she remained Scout.  She was also known as Baby Girl, Girlfriend, Miss Scout and Scoutie.  I am sure there are a few other nicknames that I am forgetting at the moment but those were the ones she heard daily.

Give me treats!
 She hated walking when the sun was out.  We called her our vampire dog because she was happiest walking at night.  She loved playing in water and she loved sand.  Her favorite camping place was in Alabama because there was a huge dog park and her whole yard was sand.

Playing with her little brother.

Relaxing in Arlington, TX.

I remember when we first started taking her camping.  She was dragging as we walked through the campground.  I thought she was ill.  Nope, she was walking slowly in hopes that someone would stop to pet her. She did that on every walk. She loved people and being told she was beautiful.  She especially loved blonde or gray-haired ladies.  I think that her foster Mom most have had light colored hair.  One time, we were camping and we ran into Nancy, an old co-worker of mine.  Well, Scout must of thought that she was her foster Mom, Debbie, because she actually put her dirty paws on her shoulders.  I was so embarrassed. She had never done that before.
Scout's first day of full-timing.

Cadillac Ranch

Memorial Weekend in Arlington, TX.

Scout was a full-time RVer for the past three years, two months, two weeks and two days.  She didn't really enjoy the driving part, but she liked exploring new locations and meeting new people.  She hated Arizona.  I am glad we never stayed there for long.  It was too hot and too much gravel for her.

Fun Run in Abilene, KS

Scout was thrilled when we bought our latest motor home.  It has a king sized bed with a ceiling fan above it.  She spent her days roaching on the bed with a big smile on her face.  We kept the bedroom a cool 70 degrees just for her. No, she was not spoiled.  LOL

Happy girl!

I was so happy that she made it home to see everyone one last time.  The swelling on her head had actually almost disappeared and she looked great.  I think she also felt great that week.  We were beginning to think the vet was wrong about her dying, but only a few days after we left home, the swelling returned.  Her body began to fail her and we knew it was time to let her go.  Scout and I had many talks about the Rainbow Bridge and how wonderful it would be.

Pretty girl!

The house now feels empty without our brindle girl.  We no longer have to step over her bed which blocked our walkway in the bedroom. There are no more treat crumbs in our bed.  Joey and I are trying to create a new normal for our day.

Posing for Mom - one of the last photos of her.

I hope that Scout has found Jack and her foster Mom, Debbie by now.  She will be missed and, of course, never forgotten.

The Brindle Kids - not happy about scarves that Mom knitted for them.  Wow!  They definitely looked alike.

Together again.

Love ya Baby Girl.


Mom To The Greyhounds; Jack, Scout and Joey 

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