Sunday, July 19, 2015

Another Friend Is At The Bridge

Thank you for the comments concerning Scout.  We are doing okay and trying to keep busy. I went on an adventure today, but I will tell you about it later this week.

Yesterday, when Mom turned on the computer, she was shocked to learn that one of our greyhound friends had died.  We just found out that he had cancer.  Mom cried for his family.  Do you want to hear what is strange about his Mom and my Mom?  Well, Mom met Miss Patty, his Mom, when she and Dad visited Petco to look at greyhounds.  That is where they met Jack.  That is not the strange part.  BOL!  When Mom adopted Scout, Miss Patty adopted Blue.  Blue and Scout rode into St. Louis together.  When Jack died, Miss Patty's dog, Roy died.  Then, I was adopted and a week later, Dave was adopted. Dave is white like me.  Scout died and three days later, Dave died.  Okay, maybe it doesn't seem so strange, but it does to Mom.  Oh, did you notice that both of their names are "Patty"?

Dave was only 7.   He and his family recently moved to Florida and he enjoyed the beach.  He even had a pool in his backyard.  He was very close to his sister, Blue and he was loved by everyone who met him.  We heard he was very popular in his neighborhood.

Dave and his sister, Blue.  They loved each other.

At the beach.

Dave on his 7th birthday

Dave was a cool dude!

Dave "The Dog" Luter  - 6/8/08 to 7/18/15
You are missed Dave.  Please say "Hi" to Scout for us.  Send your Mom a sign.

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