Saturday, October 22, 2016

Bye-Bye Lancaster

We left Lancaster, PA this morning.  Mom and I really enjoyed our time there.  I think we will write a little more about Lancaster in a few days.  We need to update you on our travels today.

The folks were a little concerned because high winds and rain were in the forecast for today.  The wind howled last night.  We have a deadline though and we had to hit the road today.  The day started out windy and cloudy.  A big wind gust came through right when Mom was trying to close the RV door. She slammed the door and broke some trim.  Dad said it was already on the list of things that needed to be replaced. The wind was high, but we have been through worse.  We could really feel it when we went over bridges.

Scenes from our travel today in PA.


The sun came out a few times.

I forgot to mention the temperature.  We went from running our AC yesterday to needing the heater today. The windchill was 38. Brrrr!
Then the rain started.  It rained for the last 200 miles.
 The road we took was a toll road.  It was hilly and curvy.  That is not much fun on a wet and windy day.  Any guesses on what we paid to drive on the toll road?

We paid $81.30.  We get to take another toll road tomorrow.  :-)
We finally arrived at our campground.  It is a KOA, so I wanted to check out the dog park.  I always enjoy their dog parks.

Oh Boy! We have to cross a bridge to get there!


What?  This can't be the dog park!

Yep, it is.  It is flooded.  I wanted to go in it anyway, but Mom said "No".  What a ripoff!
 It definitely looks like fall here.

We are in Mercer, PA tonight.  Yep, we are still in PA.  Tomorrow, we head to Elkhart, IN.  We will be there for three weeks having work done on the RV.  Remember that hail damage we received in Arlington, TX in March?  We are getting that fixed.  It will take about two weeks.  We are going to be living in a hotel.  It will be my first time in a hotel.  Scout and Jack stayed in one for a few months when the folks sold their house. Scout told me that it wasn't that much fun, but I am excited to see it for myself.  Mom said I might even get to ride the elevator!  I don't know what that is!

After the hail damage is fixed, we are then taking the RV in for service.  We have lots of things that need to be fixed like our furnace. Yes, we would like to have heat again.  We will be staying in the RV there at night, but during the day we have to find a place to go.  Mom is not looking forward to that, but we will get through it.

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