Monday, October 10, 2016

Landis Valley Village and Farm Museum

Wow!  We haven't posted in a while.  Grandma even contacted us last week to see if we were okay. (Hi Grandma!)   Not much is really going on.  Mom and I have been enjoying the nice weather and sometimes we sit outside for two or three hours.  She reads and I sleep.  Mom and I patrol the campground several times a day.  Doug, who works here, enjoys talking to me, so I make sure I see him as often as possible.  The owner also likes to pet me, so I make sure he sees me. Mom is still working when she wants or rides Buddy aka shopping. Mom has been busy purging things but still has more cabinets to go through. She got out all her winter clothes last week and washed them.  My bed even got washed.  I was not happy.  So, we are not just sitting around watching TV.  BOL!
Here I am in front of the buggy that is at the campground.  I refused to pose for the photo.

Can you believe that people still go out the wrong way.  If the owner sees you doing it, she will yell at you.  BOL!

The chicks from the neighboring farm seem to think the campground is theirs.
People laugh at my boot, but look at this horse we saw on TV!  He wears four boots.  He visits nursing homes.

We had a small Casita rally here last week.  They are really small trailers.
Last Saturday, Dad took his no line bi-focals back.  He just can't adjust.  He said he could only see a small circle on his computer.  The lady at the eye place said that some people just can't wear them.

Last Sunday, the folks visited Landis Valley Village and Farm Museum.  It is a place that is dedicated to the Pennsylvania Germans that settled here.  Some of the buildings are original to the site and others were moved there.  Supposedly, it looks like it did when it was a town in the 1700's.  Two brothers actually started the museum because they were big collectors and they wanted to display their items.  They opened their museum in 1925.

The farm consists of some houses, blacksmith shop, farm and machinery and tool barn, hotel, school house, store, firehouse, tin shop, tavern, gun shop and a log cabin.  The folks have visited many old farms and a few villages like this, but the thing that made this one different was that their were people there showing how things were done.  Mom really enjoyed the tin shop.  The lady there has made the items in the shop such as candle holders, pitchers, etc. She also makes and sells Christmas ornaments.  Her ornaments were on the White House Christmas Tree one year.  The man in the gun shop showed how guns were made from start to finish.  Mom is not all that interested in guns, but it was still interesting to see.  The man in the tavern didn't have too much to say but he was tired because he was doing yard work before the folks arrived. The visitors center was full of weather vanes, but no photos were allowed.

Country store

The hotel

The folks enjoyed the tour more than they thought they would.  The cost was $12 a person, but Mom had a free ticket through her KOA app.  KOA now offers coupons as part of their membership which is pretty neat.  The coupons are for all over the country and the folks have used several at restaurants, attractions and even Great Clips.

This weekend, they did a little shopping.  They went to an ice cream place that is famous here, Lapp Valley Farm. They make their own ice cream and the waffle cones are made fresh.  Mom said it was really good. The cars were lined up because there was not enough parking and that was on a rainy afternoon. The folks ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel and ate at a few buffets.  I didn't get to go anywhere because the wind was really high and I don't enjoy walking in high winds.  I don't even like sitting outside in high winds.  It is still windy today, but tomorrow should be better.

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