Monday, October 17, 2016

Rocky, Christ Church and Philly Cheesesteaks

Hi Everyone! (Hi Grandma!)

Have you missed me?  I have been hanging out with Mom.  We have been spending a lot of time just enjoying the nice weather.

The park has been packed.  This trailer is in my spot.

We watched the pumpkin harvest.  They used like a conveyor belt to get them in the wagon. At first, they were just throwing them to each other to get them into the wagon.
We heard on the news that there is a pumpkin shortage.  If there is, it is not here.

We watch balloons.

We walk through our campground several times a day.

We watch the cow

and the horses.
Yep, we stay pretty busy.  BOL!

The folks drove into Philadelphia on Saturday.  It is about an hour and fifteen minutes from here.  They planned to stop at the Rocky statue and run (or maybe walk up) the steps like he did.  Well, it was $15 to park and Dad said it wasn't worth it to him, so they drove by like four times.  They were looking for a free spot, but none opened up.

That is as good as Mom could get because her window doesn't open up.

The steps he ran up.
Their next stop was to eat a cheesesteak at either Pat's or Geno's. You see, they are located across the street from each other.  The folks found that getting there was tough.  There were one way streets with people parked on both sides, so it was tight driving through.  It took quite a while to make it there and then there was no parking.  It wasn't like they were being cheap.  There was only street parking and it was full for blocks.  They drove around three times trying to find a spot and then gave up.

They headed to Constitution Center which was another one of their planned stops.  Parking was easy there as there was a garage.  It ended up costing $18.50 but they were there for 3.5 hours.  Mom immediately checked TripAdvisor to see where they could eat.  She saw a place called Sonny's Cheesesteaks that was nearby.  Dad said that he heard it was actually better than Pat's and Geno's, so they walked there.  Mom said it was pretty good.

Dad checked TripAdvisor while they were eating and discovered that they were near Christ Church and he said they should stop by.  This is the church that George Washington, Ben Franklin, Betsy Ross and others who signed the Declaration of Independence attended church.  There was a guide there who made seeing the church very interesting.  He showed them where George, Betsy and Ben sat.  I guess back then, they had assigned seating.  He pointed out a chandelier that holds candles.  He said that same chandelier was used when Ben Franklin's grand daughter got married.  There are still weddings held there and church service is held on Sundays. There are people that are supposedly buried in the floor of the church.  Mom wanted to ask about that.  Was that normal for back then?  She didn't get to ask because Ben Franklin came walking in with a couple of tourists from England and the guide started talking to them.

The chandelier that the guide pointed out.

This is where George and Martha Washington sat.

Mom sat in Ben Franklin, Betsy Ross and George Washington's pews.  Betsy Ross had a small area.  Dad said she didn't have a very good view.  Mom really enjoyed seeing the church.  She thought it was awesome to be in the same place as so many historic figures.

Post office and Franklin Print Shop.  Mom does not know if they are original.  
They then walked to Constitution Center.  It is kind of like a museum in that they do have some items, but mostly it is a lot of reading about the constitution, the Bill of Rights, etc.  Admission price is $14.50, but there was a special on Saturday and it was only $8 a person. Dad had read the reviews and said that the performance of Freedom Rising was supposed to be very emotional.  He told Mom that she might cry. She did not cry. Dad fell asleep. The lady next to Mom fell asleep and the guy across from them snored loudly.  Mom didn't think it was boring, but it didn't move her at all.

There is a room that is full of bronze statues of the founding fathers.  Mom did not take photos. She should have.

A room contains a copy of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

There is also a section that talks about and has items from Presidential campaigns.  Mom found that somewhat interesting.

This slipper was worn at George Washington's Inaugural Ball.  The heel looks like it is made of cork.  It could be wood.

Mom thought the Ford one was funny.

Playing cards with the Kennedy family.

Abraham Lincoln item.
It was a long day and the folks finally made it back home to me.  They were gone 8 hours and then after they took me out for a walk and tried to make it up to me, they left again for dinner.

Sunday, they stayed home with me except for when they went out to dinner.  Dad washed the other side of the motor home and Mom and I watched.

A view of Lancaster from the car.

That's all for now.
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