Saturday, October 29, 2016

Hotel Living Is....

Overrated.   I don't have a couch.  I only have my bed on the floor.  I think I may be getting bed sores.  I have to go up and down steps whenever I go outside.  That elevator is really scary!  I can hear people walking above my head.  There is one guy who leaves his boots outside his room.  What is up with that?  Do they smell?  Does he think it is bad luck to bring them inside?

There are skunks here!  I kid you not!  We are in town and the skunks are out at 4:30 a.m.  We know there are at least two.  There is also an opossum.  I want to make friends with them, but for some reason, Mom says we have to walk in the opposite direction.  I don't want to walk.  I want to wait for them to come to me.  I turn into a statue which does not make Mom happy.

We are in a hotel complex.  You know how there are office complexes?  Well, ours is made up of hotels.  there are also restaurants all around us.  There are sidewalks going to most places, so that makes for nice walks.

Thursday, the folks took me to Petsmart.  I really enjoyed that.  I walked through the whole store four times and then we left, but I said "Hey, wait!  I want to walk the store again!"  So, we went back inside and walked around again.  I didn't buy anything.  Dad said I could get something. I picked out a guinea pig, but he Dad sad "No".

I thought we were going to go somewhere yesterday, but Dad said he had to work for a few hours. That turned into all day.

Today started off sunny.  Mom said we were going to the river walk for sure today. We couldn't believe that it was cloudy when we got in our car.  Where did the sun go?

The river walk is located in downtown Elkhart.  The walk started out being really pretty.


I am headed for a squirrel.

There he is!

A marching band made out of metal.


Another squirrel!

The walk was pretty, but we think we headed into a bad section.  Mom wanted to walk around the island, but then we started seeing some people who didn't look very nice.  There was one man who was punching a wooden post for quite a while. A kid walked towards us with a big stick.  He looked mean, but then started asking questions about me.  He turned out to be okay. We saw some people that just plain made us nervous, so we decided to end our walk early.  Everyone seemed to be scared of me though and Mom said that was good.

We came home and I guess we are here for the rest of the day. Dad left to visit some RV store, but Mom and I are hanging out.  I am not letting Mom get too far from me these days.

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