Monday, October 25, 2010


We've had a very warm and dry fall. We didn't expect the leaves to be very pretty this year, but we think our yard has looked nice. The above photo was taken from our front porch. It looks prettier in person.

Yesterday, we went to the state park which is just a few miles from our house. It's a small park that Mama and Daddy take us to when the weather is nice on weekends. We walk through the campground to give Daddy his "fix".

Mama tried to take photos of us walking, but we were too fast for her.

She took a photo of Scout, but Scout didn't want it posted because she looks "fat".

This is the last week for our house to be on the market. Mama says it will be nice to have a break from having it for sale. She didn't even clean this weekend since no one has looked at it since July 3rd. We really hoped it would sell this year, but it was not meant to be. We will put it back on the market in January and hopefully 2011 will bring us a buyer. We are ready to start our next adventure in a new house and a new town. We may no longer be "two greyhound town" when we move because there may be other greyhounds around.

Have a nice day!

The Fall Loving Greyhound

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