Thursday, October 14, 2010

We've Been On Vacation!

Jack and Scout here sharing the keyboard this morning.

Scout: Did you miss us? We've been on vacation with Mama and Daddy.

Jack: Did we go to a greyhound event like Dewey? Did we go to Disney World?

Scout: Nope! We went TROUT FISHING! That's right, trout fishing.

Jack: We were supposed to only be gone five nights, but we were having so much fun that we stayed seven nights. The weather was perfect. Mama and Daddy pretended that they were retired like us.

Scout: We took lots of walks and ate lots of good food.

Jack: Scout got tired on Day 5 and turned into a mule on the walks though.

Scout: When I get tired, I get tired and that's that. Is anyone going to carrying me back? I don't think so! So, when I get tired, I just stop until we turn around.

Jack: The place was booked up, so on the morning of Day 6 we had to try and get a non-reservable site. We searched for a site but nothing was available. We were just getting ready to leave to come home when we saw a camper leave and Mama told Daddy "Go get that site!" Daddy did and we moved the RV up this huge hill and we camped at that site for two nights. We didn't like that campsite as well because the walking paths were not as good, but at least we were still camping.

Scout: Grandma and Grandpa came to visit us at the campground. They stayed at a cabin. We looked inside their cabin but couldn't go in because it said "NO PETS ALLOWED!" How rude is that?

Jack: Mama and Daddy ate out quite a bit, but Mama always brought us back something. Grandma bought us KFC one night. We definitely are big poultry lovers.

Jack: Here we are watching Daddy loading up the RV on the day that we thought we were headed home, but we ended up staying.

Scout: We were upset when we thought we were going home, so we both refused to look at the camera.

Jack: This picture is not very good because it was taken from the Jeep, but here are some people fishing. It's really pretty in person.

Scout: I wanted to get in the water, but Mama said no. She wouldn't even let us get near the water because she said we might get fish hooks in our feet. Daddy said that would really, really hurt.

Jack: Yeah, we were really careful not getting near the water and then Grandma found a fish hook on our patio at the campsite. :-O Luckily, no one had stepped on it.

Scout: We are back home now and getting back to our normal routine. We are a little sad because we had such a great time on vacation. Mama said she doesn't think she has ever seen me so happy. I just loved walking since the weather was nice and there weren't any bugs. I did get tired at the end though.

Jack: The best part of being home is being able to run in our yard.

Scout: Yeah, running in the yard is the best!

Jack and Scout
The Trout Fishing Greyhounds

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