Saturday, October 30, 2010

Paws Are Crossed

You are not going to believe this. We have someone who wants to see our house tomorrow at 9 a.m. Our contract runs out on Monday. We had accepted that we would be living here through next year, but maybe, just maybe, we will get an offer. We have our paws crossed. This is our last chance to sell this year. Mama and Daddy have been busy cleaning and doing yard work to make it look as spiffy as possible. I have been trying to help, but Mama said I'm getting in her way. What? That can't be. Daddy was trying to get some squeaks out of the floor, so Mama was walking on them so he could hear them in the basement and I was just following her around. That's getting in the way? Sheesh!

When Mama got the call yesterday about the showing, she was not very excited. She said that selling now would put us in the RV in the dead of winter and that is not what we wanted. Plus, the propane man came unexpectedly this week and filled up our tank. We were planning on calling him after the house came off the market. However, Mama is now hoping we get an offer even though the timing is not good. She said we can make it work. Daddy said if the people want to move in by Thanksgiving, that's not a problem. We are trying not to get too hopeful, but if the people want to see our house at 9 a.m. on a Sunday, they must be really looking to buy. We figure they are looking at other houses, too, but we hope we can win them over.

The Greyhound Who Has His Paws Crossed.

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