Thursday, October 28, 2010


Jack and Scout reporting to you this morning.

Jack: We were grounded yesterday. NO TV!

Scout: Yep, grounded, no TV.

Jack: No People's Court, Judge Judy, The Talk, etc, etc.

Scout: I really don't care for TV much so it didn't bother me. There is a commercial I like though. It has a whale in it and I've been imitating his sounds which is driving Mama crazy! LOL Jack loves his TV though, so he was very upset that he couldn't watch it.

Jack: It's Scout's fault that we got in trouble.

Scout: You could have said "NO" Jack, but you didn't.

Jack: What did we do? Well, we got Mama up around 2 a.m. to go outside. That's not why we got in trouble though.

Scout: No, we do that a lot.

Jack: We got in trouble because we did zoomies around the yard. Mama told us to come in and we just ran circles around her.

Scout: It was so funny! Mama was standing out in the middle of the yard dressed in her jammies. Her arms were flapping and she kept yelling at us to get in the house. We just kept running circles around her.

Jack: Mama said it looked like she was a lion tamer in the circus.

Scout: It was a lot of fun, but Mama didn't think it was. She said "YOU'RE GROUNDED, NO TV!" I just laughed and said "whatever". It was worth loosing TV for a day.

Jack: So, yesterday, I missed all of my favorite shows. I hope I can catch up on Days Of Our Lives today because it was at a dramatic part when it ended on Tuesday.

Scout: I'm sure you didn't miss anything, Jack. That show moves slower than a turtle.

Jack: So, that's why we were grounded yesterday. We didn't get Mama up last night, so we are golden today.

Scout: Yeah, we are golden. LOL

Jack and Scout
The Ungrounded Greyhounds

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