Thursday, October 22, 2015

Dogs Are Everywhere

Last week, there was a dog show here.  It was right in the park!  We could see the agility course from our rig.  Dogs were everywhere!  Mom said I was overstimulated.  I have to admit that after my walks, I was ready to go inside where it was quiet and no dog smells. 

It was funny because most people assumed I was in the competition.  I think they thought I did agility.  Some people asked, but other people didn't say a word but they sure did check me out.  Mom thought it was funny how they looked me over and whispered to each other.  We noticed that dogs in the show did not mingle. Everyone stayed away from each other.  Mom was fine with that.  No little dogs were running up to me.  Most of the people didn't have flexi-leashed but one lady had three dogs and they were on flexi-leashes. She had no control. 

On Friday, Mom attended the dog show where different breeds compete.  She wanted to see the greyhounds the most.  She also did some shopping, but she didn't buy anything.  She said something about the Jeep and the rental car breaking our budget.

Getting signed up.

The white one in the front is the one that won.

In the ring.
Mom liked this family.  The dogs are a mom, dad and son. The son is the one in the back.  He is bigger than his folks.

On Saturday, Mom spent the whole day watching dogs find rats in the hay and watching agility.

Dog searching for rats.


Mom really enjoyed the agility.  She said it was funnier than what she has seen on TV.  There was a Golden who stopped on the A-Frame just to look around.  He liked it so much that he climbed up on it again and sat down.  Mom started laughing really loud.  BOL  There were also dogs who decided to make their own course.  It was frustrating for the owners, but it was funny to see.  She spent six hours just watching other dogs.  Crazy, I know.

This rig was parked in front of us.  We thought they had Goldens, but they didn't. They had five dogs, but no Goldens.
We enjoyed the dog show, but it was nice to get the park back to normal. 

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