Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween, Bees and RV Repairs, Etc


I am already back from trick or treating at the park office.  They all wanted to see me in my costume and have been talking about it for two days.  They thought I was cute and others driving by also thought I was adorable.

Cooling off after my trick or treating.


 Yesterday, Mom got stung by a bee!  She was changing her shirt and felt a pain on her neck.  She went into the bathroom to look and saw that her neck was red but didn't see anything but something but two black specks.  She then felt something on her shoulder and she saw the bee. She screamed.  I got scared but wanted to help. She told me to stay away while she killed it.  She iced it and put a pain reliever on it.  Today, her neck is swollen around the bite.  She has iced it, put baking soda on it and tried some other remedies, but it continues to get worse.  It is warm to the touch.  I think she just need to leave it alone.

RV Repairs

It has been a struggle getting the four items fixed.  We thought everything would be fixed yesterday, but a wrong part was ordered.  We will update this at a later date. 

Mom noticed that we had a water leak under the sink yesterday afternoon.  She could see the leak, so figured it wouldn't be too hard to fix.  It has been leaking for a while though because it did get our basement (compartments outside) pretty wet.  That is not good.  She put a pan under the leak and Dad fixed it when he got home. 

We do have one more thing that Dad will have to fix this weekend.  Our washing machine is having issues.  Mom thinks she may have left some money in her jeans and that may have clogged it.  It has clogged before so she knows how to fix it.  However, it is a job that Dad needs to do because it is in a cabinet and the cabinet needs to be taken apart.  He doesn't want her do it.


Tomorrow, we are moving sites.  They require people in the pull-thru sites to move every 21 days.  We will move two sites down.  Dad will pull out of this site and then back into the new one.  It will take us more time to secure everything than to actually make the move.  It could be worse, we could be having to find another place to stay.

We do like it here.  The people are all nice and we are very close to things.  There are events in the fairgrounds.  Last weekend, we had fireworks.  It looked like they were going to come into the RV.   There is a haunted house for Halloween.  We can hear the music and the freaky voice and some screams when we walk at night.  Next weekend, there is some sort of Hawaiian festival.


Tomorrow is my birthday!!!!  I am going to be 8.  Mom says that means I will be a senior.  I have been changing a lot lately.  Mom thinks it is more because I am an only dog than being a senior.  I like to cuddle with Mom on the couch now.  Actually, I like to be with my Mom all the time.  She says I am her "Baby Boy".  I am not sure what we are doing to celebrate other than moving.

Relaxing outside

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