Wednesday, October 14, 2015

We Lost, But There Is Always Next Year

As I am sure most of you have heard, the Cardinals lost to the Cubs. While we are sad that the Cardinals are out of it now, we are happy that the Cubs have a chance at winning the World Series.  Don't blow it, Cubs.  This is your chance!  We would love to see you in the World Series.

We moved to our new location on Sunday.  Since we have a rental car, Mom had to drive it. It couldn't be attached to the motor home like the Jeep can.  The motor home had to carry Buddy.  I rode with Dad in the motor home.  It took us about an hour and a half to make the drive.   Mom had a cold, so she wasn't thrilled about the drive, but she made it.

We are now staying at the fairgrounds.  We are lucky because our site has grass.  It is not lush, but it is not asphalt like most of the other sites. 

Well, it doesn't look like grass here, but there is dirt.  Dad put me to sleep with a massage. I love that guy.
We are located right next to an RV dealership.  We think it may come in handy.  Sunday night, we heard a BOOM, BANG, BOOM.  Our bedroom AC died.  The next morning, Dad walked over to the dealership and asked if they could work on it.  It sounds like it is going to happen and they may even do some other warranty work that we need done.  The guy came over yesterday and looked at everything on our list.  He was supposed to call Dad back, but didn't.  He may be talking with our manufacturer again before scheduling it.  We hope.  It is really hot here.  I am talking mid-90's.  What is up with that?  We are doing fine though with just the two AC units because it cools off to the 50's at night.  It would be nice to get everything fixed while we are here though.

Here is the front of us and see the campers in the background?  That is the dealership.

Here is our site.

Strange tree

There are two large fields outside of the campground. We are allowed to walk around there.  I thought it might be boring, but there are cats.  I am even more excited because they use big wagons to haul the trash dumpsters away.  That makes a lot of noise and I find that very exciting.  I love to watch it.

I am watching a cat here.

We are located right in town and Mom can ride Buddy around.  She was excited yesterday because she wen out without me or Dad with her.  I don't know why she likes to go without me sometimes, but she does.  :-(

There is a big dog show here this weekend.  The campground is sold out.  There are 1,500 dogs at the show.  Some of them are staying in the campground.  A few people have asked if I am in the show.  :::blushing:::  Nope, I am a retired athlete.  Mom is going to check out the dog show.  It starts on Friday.

We haven't decided for sure if we are going to see if we can extend our stay here, but I decided to earn us some brownie points with the staff just in case.  They wanted to pet me, so I let them and then I just laid down on the rug in front of the door.  They all thought that was cute.  Yep, they like me here. 

The Greyhound Who Knows How To Be Charming

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