Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Santa Cruz Boardwalk & Wharf

Monday was a busy day.  Dad had to take the Jeep to the hospital and he has to stay for an operation. Jeepy needs a new transmission.  He is supposed to be released on Tuesday, but we hope it is sooner.  We have a rental car until then.

The folks went exploring and found our new campground. We move there on Sunday.  I will have a new place to patrol.

On their way back home, they stopped off at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.  Mom had never heard of it and she didn't have her camera. She did have her phone, but the battery was running low. She was able to get a few pictures.

The Santa Cruz Boardwalk opened in 1907.  It is basically an amusement park on the beach.  The carousel has been there since 1911. The roller coaster opened in 1924.

The rides were not running while they were there.  Most of the shops and restaurants were closed, but there were a few that were open.  There were quite a few people exploring the boardwalk even though most things were closed.

Mom could hear the barking of seals and she thought it was coming from the wharf, so they got in the car and headed to the wharf.

They missed their turn, so they drove on to a parking area that had some great views.

There were signs telling people not to climb on the rocks and there was a memorial to someone who had died there, but I guess the people on the rocks didn't think the signs applied to them.

The folks drove back to wharf and sure enough they saw the seals.

Can you see the seals under the wharf?

Mom was scared she would drop her phone leaning over to get the photos.

This guy is marked with numbers for some reason.
There were several restaurants on the wharf, so the folks looked at all the menus and finally chose Firefish Grill.
This was their view.
 Mom ordered the Beef Pasta Saute' and said it was best pasta she has ever had. This is the description from the menu:  Tender top sirloin strips sauteed in garlic butter, capers and fettuccine finished in a cream sherry sauce.

Dad ordered crab cakes and prawns.  He said it was okay.  He just came from Baltimore though and ate their crab cakes, so I don't think it was fair to compare.

Mom enjoyed their last minute trip to the boardwalk. She said it was a lot of fun.

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