Friday, October 2, 2015

A Quick Review Of Our Coast To Coast Trip - Part 1

We left Freeland, MD on Sunday, September 20th.  We stayed at Merry Meadows.  We never fell in love with the place.  We thought it was quite boring. There was not much activity where we were parked.  Most of the people were not friendly.  I guess we will always remember it as the place that Scout died.  :-(   I also had to have that surgery on my mouth, so not the best memories.  Mom did enjoy visiting Pennsylvania.  They went to Lancaster three times and Gettysburg three times.

Sunday night, we stayed at the KOA in Dayton.  This was a really nice KOA.  The turns to get into our site were not easy, but the park was really clean and nice.  We could see ourselves staying there on a long-term basis.

Nice fenced dog area - no agility stuff getting in my way.

Large ponds

 The next night we were back in Missouri!  We stayed at the same campground we stayed at in July and we even stayed at the same site.  Mom was a little sad that Scout wasn't there since she was there last time.  Grandpa and Grandma L came over to visit.  Grandpa had been sick the last time we were home, so I didn't get to see him then.  However, they sat on my couch and didn't move when I asked them to, so I just squeezed my way onto the couch and they had to share with me.  As soon as they left, I took my regular spot and slept. 

Life as it should be.
Wednesday, we headed out on the road again.  We spent the night at another KOA.  This one was outside of Oklahoma City.  It was not as nice as the one in Dayton.  There was a pit bull that was chained up outside a fifth wheel that was not friendly.  We avoided him.  Dogs are not supposed to be left unattended, but he was out all night.  It was easy off and on the highway, so it was all we needed for one night.

Thursday, we drove through Amarillo, TX.  The last time we were there, we had so much fun. Remember when we visited Cadillac Ranch?  Mom was sad as we passed through the area remembering our last visit.

Us leaving our mark on Cadillac Ranch.

We stopped in Albuquerque, NM. We stayed at the American RV Park for two nights.  It was a really nice park.

The dog park had rubber mulch.
Our site
See the burger on the billboard? The folks ate at 66 Pit Stop.
In Albuquerque, NM you are asked red or green. They are not talking about Christmas. They are talking chili.  The laguna burger has green chili.  Mom said it was HOT.  She felt it for two days.  Dad said he was surprised that it was that hot.

The folks took a trolley tour in Albuquerque, but we will save that and the rest of our trip for our next post. 

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