Tuesday, September 29, 2015

As TomTom Says, "We Have Reached Our Destination!"

Boy, was that a long trip! We traveled from coast to coast.  The last day was the worse because I was injured.  Don't worry, I am almost all better.  I had stepped on something.  We thought it was a foxtail.  Mom pulled it out of my foot but I was limping badly and she thought something was left behind.  I had a hard time walking because it was my driver side foot. That is what Dad calls it. 

So, as soon as we got set up, we rushed to the 24 hour vet.  They looked at my foot and couldn't see anything wrong.  They showed us foxtail and we all agreed it wasn't what was in my foot.  The doctor kept touching my shoulder and then she pinched it. Well, I cried.  What would you do if you haven't slept in over 12 hours and someone is pinching you?  She said x-rays were necessary. X-rays were done and they were fine.  Then, the doctor looked at my feet again and discovered a bruise.  Why don't they listen to Mom when she tells them 1) there is something wrong with my mouth - a bee got me, look in my mouth  2) I had a thorny thing in my foot, check it again?   Anyway, $311 later, I was sent home with my x-rays and instructions to wear my boot for a few days and take my Tramadol as needed.  I am much better today.

Our campground has terrible cell phone service and the Internet is not great either.  It is a pretty campground with lots of activity. 

We will tell you more about our trip later this week.  We cleaned this morning and now we are chilling.  Dad is at work.

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