Thursday, September 17, 2015

Another Pet Peeve

Mom was in a mood yesterday.  She is irritated with the world, I think.  She says the world is going crazy with police officers being shot and killed.  She is upset with The View.  She loved it last season, but they got rid of the good people and hired people who talk over each other and make stupid comments.  She watched it twice last week and said no more. She said it makes her blood pressure go too high.  BOL!  We watched the presidential debate last night and I thought that would send her over the edge, but she just laughed a few times and yes, even cheered. 

So, do you want to know what really sent her on a rant yesterday?  She was reading a blog that she hasn't visited for a while.  The woman is very proud that her dog is now certified as a service dog.  No, she doesn't need a service dog.  She just wants the dog with her.  I could be a service dog.  That's right!  I could go with Mom everywhere she goes.  Mom just needs to pay $149.95 plus $10 shipping and handling and then I am a service dog.  Service Dog Certification   Mom was still ranting about it when Dad got home.  She wonders what will happen when some of these dogs start biting or misbehaving at places.  Do you really want to eat in a restaurant with a dog that is not properly trained?  Mom says it is just not right.  I bet the people who really need a service dog are not happy about it either.  What do you think?  Is Mom way off base on this?

Tomorrow, the folks are headed to Hershey, PA for the largest RV show in America.  We have watched it on TV for several years and finally, we are going. Well, I am not going.  I could if I was a service dog, but since I'm not, I am going to be at home on the couch.

Tomorrow is my last day of medicine!  I don't mind it because I like the peanut butter that comes with it.   I am doing good.  I even played a song for Dad the other night on my bunny.  My bunny has three squeakers.  It was a good performance.

Mom and I have been enjoying the cooler weather this week.  We sit outside in the mornings. Sometimes we watch our neighbor who is a real newbie to RVing.  He was really entertaining the first week he was here.  We talked to him once.  He is different. 

Exciting, right?
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