Sunday, September 6, 2015

Following Doctor's Orders

Friends, I spent Friday at the emergency hospital.  Yep, I even had surgery.  :::gulp:::   It all started on Wednesday night.  I was chewing on one of my bully sticks.  Dad said I had a small piece and then I swallowed it.  The folks thought everything was okay, but I knew something was wrong. I stood up and acted a little strange.  I just stood there.  I then got a drink.  The next morning, I was not feeling right.  I didn't greet Dad when he got out of the shower and I didn't say good-bye to him.  That is not like me.  Mom thought something might be wrong with my neck.  I tried to stretch my front legs and I couldn't do it.  She gave me a tramadol.  Later, we went for a walk and I was able to stretch and I burped a few times.  I felt better.  Then, a bee flew in my mouth.  Yeah, not fun!


Mom rushed me in the RV and gave me Benadryl.  I slept the rest of the day and felt better when Dad got home.  Friday morning, after Dad went to work, I got worse.  I wouldn't drink water and I was drooling.  Dad came home from work and I went to the emergency hospital where Scout went.  Yikes!

The vet didn't believe that I got stung by a bee.  We didn't have a body to prove it.  Mom told her to look at my mouth.  It was all red under my tongue.  The vet said they needed to run tests; blood tests and x-rays.  Mom was relieved when we found out it was not cancer.  The vet said she would attempt to look under my tongue.  She said if I didn't cooperate, she would have to sedate me.  I was good and she immediately saw the cut.  I had a cut under my tongue and it was infected.  No duh!

The vet recommended stitches.  She said we could try to let it heal on its' own but it would take a very long time since it was in my mouth.  Also, if there was any foreign matter in it, it would not heal. The folks decided surgery was necessary.  It turns out that the cut was much deeper than expected.  The vet did not find anything in the cut, but said there was a pocket and that something had been in it.  While she was in my mouth, she did a quick cleaning of my teeth.  Two of my molars fell out.  She said those molars do not have roots and fall out easily.  What?  No roots?

I didn't think the folks were coming back to pick me up Friday because when I looked at the clock, it was past Mom's bedtime.  BOL!  Then, I heard on the loud speaker "Joey's People are here"!  I waited and waited. It took them an hour to release me because the place was busy with emergencies.  Finally, I saw my folks.  I was happy but when it was time to leave, I wanted to go back to my crate.  It was fun back there.  Tons of action.

Oh, I was ticked when I got home.  I was only allowed a little bit of water.  I was thirsty!  I kicked my bowl demanding more water.  Mom gave me a little at a time, but not as much as I wanted.  I was not a happy camper.  The next morning, I was allowed water.

The doctor said I have to stay quiet for a few days.  Yesterday, I slept all day.  Dad had to work, so it was just me and Mom.  She kept the blinds closed, so it was dark inside.  I am on four different medications, so sleeping is pretty easy.

I roached for he first time in four days last night.

I am feeling much better today.  I have to have soft foods for a while. I am supposed to stay quiet and rest.  I wish it wasn't a holiday weekend. There is so much happening in the campground and I am stuck inside. At least I am feeling better.  Let me tell you, it hurts having a big cut under your tongue.

Mom says there will be no more bully sticks.  She said that last one was very expensive.  BOL!  I bet Scout is laughing that bully sticks have been banned from our house.  Actually, it hasn't been that much fun chewing them without Scout.

Eating a chopped up frosty this morning.

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