Sunday, September 13, 2015

I Finally Made It To Gettysburg! Lots of Photos

Friday, Dad was off so we drove to Gettysburg.  I was very excited!  I had heard about it from all my greyhound friends who have visited during Greyhounds In Gettysburg.  We packed up my meds, my peanut butter, my frosties, my bed, and two bowls of water and off we went.

Gettysburg, here I come!
Mom had purchased The Concise Audio Tour of the Gettysburg Battlefield from Amazon.  It was a used version so it was just a few dollars.  A new version at the visitors center in Gettysburg is $25, I think.  We followed the map and the man on the CD told us about each stop.  He also pointed out different things as we drove. I thought it was boring. The folks enjoyed it. There are other ways that you can see the battlefields.  You can hire a private guide and we saw several couples who did that.  You can take a bus tour, a Segway tour, a bike tour or a tour by horse.  Mom said the private guide tour is probably the best, but since there wasn't room in the car for him, we chose the audio tour. 

Mom was hoping to get some really good photos of me. She was hoping to submit some to the Celebrating Greyhounds calendar.  I have never been in it.  Jack and Scout both were.   I didn't cooperate. I don't like to stand still for photos. 

Here are some of the photos that Mom took:


I am refusing to look at the camera.

Here are people on the Segway tour.  There's our Jeep in the background.
Here is one of the many buses used on the tours.

On top of Little Round Top.  You could see pretty far from here.  Can you imagine seeing soldiers trying to make it up the hill?

Which is my better side?  This one?

Or this one?

I am tired of picture taking.


Still on top of Little Round Top

Devils Den

I am not going to smile.

How's this?
Notice my muscular back-end?  I gets lots of compliments on it.


Mom's final attempts to get a good photo.  This is on top of Cemetery Hill.

I was anxious to get back in the car after Cemetery Ridge.  Could it be because I sensed some of the spirits that they say are here?  Maybe I was just tired.  I don't remember.  It was two days ago.

We went to McDonald's for lunch and I had a cheeseburger minus the bun, onions and pickles.  It was good.

It was a nice trip, I guess.  There are lots of memorials all over the place.  Mom said I couldn't mark them. :::sigh:::  I didn't sleep the entire time we were on our trip, so I was happy to get home.  I met a few people while I was walking around.  They said I was soft and handsome.  I already knew that.  :::wink:::

The folks visited Gettysburg four times this past year.  They probably won't go back unless we go to the Greyhounds In Gettysburg gathering sometime. 

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