Saturday, November 26, 2016

Hawk Vs. Jeep

It is pretty quiet around this place.  There is a lady and her dog that Mom and I walk with some mornings.  She thinks it is strange that I pee a lot.  I think it is stranger that her dog eats poop. BOL!

We have seen a number of people walking their dogs who don't stop long enough for their dogs to do their business.  The dogs have to do it on the run.  The people don't stop to clean up after their dogs either.  There is a trail of their poo across our site.  Grrrr!

Just me being handsome.

...and silly.

The folks went to Win Star World Casino for Thanksgiving.  They have a buffet that Mom wanted to check out.  Last year, they ate at a steak place on Thanksgiving, but had the turkey dinner.  Mom said she would not make that mistake again.  It definitely didn't feel like Thanksgiving. There were no "seconds".  Mom said she wasn't even going to eat turkey this year.  However, this place was so packed that she got stuck in the turkey line.  She ended up eating Thanksgiving food and it was good.  She also had Mexican and Chinese.  She couldn't decide if she wanted pumpkin pie or pecan pie and discovered they had her favorite dessert, Tres Leches (three milk cake).  She had that and it was delicious.

The folks decided to play the penny slots.  Mom put a dollar in and she won the first two spins.  Dad told her to bet it all and she ended up winning $18.  She said that was enough and she cashed in her winnings.  No, she is not a gambler.  BOL!

The casino.

On the way home, the folks had quite the surprise.  A hawk crashed into their windshield.  The speed limit was 75, but they were probably doing 65.  Mom saw the hawk coming at them and she closed her eyes.  She then heard "BAM".  She opened her eyes to see that the windshield was broke.

It really was hard getting a good picture of the windshield.  This was Mom's side.  Dad's side also had a crack going across it.  They checked online and were able to get an appointment at Safelite to have the windshield replaced on Friday.

All fixed

On the way home from Safelite, they stopped for lunch at Razzoo's Cajun Cafe.  It has been a while since we have posted any food porn, so here you go:

Fried pickles - excellent

Cheeseburger, fries and hush puppies - very good.  Mom wanted alligator, but they didn't have it.

Catfish, rice and beans
Mom and I are just hanging out today while Dad is at work.  We are moving to a new campground tomorrow!!!  We are not looking forward to the drive or getting parked there as it is hard to get into the campground, but once we are there, we will be happy.  Mom has a plan to help Dad get into the campground.  Dad needs to be in the far lane so that he can swing the rig wide to get into the campground. Mom is going to stay in the other lane with the Jeep and block the traffic.  I haven't decided who I am going to ride with yet.

This is the entrance to our current campground.  Have you ever seen such a wide street for a campground?  It is because there is a RV dealership here.
Cacti here.
We hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving!

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