Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Our Repairs Are Done

Boy, it has been a crazy three weeks!  We left Lancaster, PA and drove to Elkhart, IN to get our hail damage fixed.  We had some mechanical issues on that trip and our tow bar broke, too. Dad had it rebuilt for $350 instead of buying a new one for $800.  We stayed in a hotel for ten days.  I experienced elevators, stairs and other strange things.  Then, we drove to Entegra in Middlebury, IN for more repairs.  Mom thought it was going to be terrible, but once she found out that I could go into the lounge, it wasn't bad at all.  No one actually said it was okay for me to be in the lounge, but no one told me to leave either.  The folks are very pleased with all the work that was done.  53 items were repaired or explained to us.  That is a lot for four and a half days. We left Elkhart around 11 a.m. on Friday.

We are now in our new location.  Any guesses where we are?

We passed through St. Louis.

We experienced a freezing morning on Sunday.  Our waterlines froze. No showers for the folks.

This rest area in Missouri is interesting.  It looks like a little town.

We stayed at a campground in Oklahoma City that we stayed at a few years ago.  It was demolished by a tornado and has been re-built.  Mom said it was eerie to be there knowing a tornado had destroyed it.

Okay, this is a big clue.  BOL!

We have been to this area before but the last time we stayed at the campground with the alpacas.  We are about an hour from Dad's work, so we are trying to get a place closer.  We are on wait lists because everything is booked up.  This is not really a winter destination, but there are a lot of claim adjusters dealing with storm damage from earlier this year.  We were in this area when we had our hail damage.
Our driveway is long.  Most are not level. 

Mom and I enjoyed the warm weather this morning.

I even enjoyed the sun for a while.

The campground is okay.  It is a pretty basic place.  No cable.  😞  We have our satellite but Mom likes to watch cable in the bedroom while Dad watches his violent movies.  There is a fenced dog area that is the perfect size for me.  The fishing pond is nice.  Mom will not be riding Buddy because there are not any side roads for her to take.  She would have to get on the feeder road and the speed limit is 55.  Buddy only goes 45 mph unless he is going downhill and then he goes faster.  We are about 10 miles away from shopping.  It seems like a very quiet place.  We were told they had one spot left, but there are quite a few empty spaces.  Hopefully, we will be able to move closer to Dad's work soon.

It is nice to be parked for a while.  It looks like we will all be together for the holidays and winter this year.  😄

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