Thursday, November 10, 2016

Just Lounging Around

We have been at Entegra since Friday night.  The sign on the door said I wasn't allowed, but another customer said I should just walk in and lay down.  That is what I did.  We have a rep that schedules all our work and keeps track of the progress. She came out and met me and didn't say anything about me being in the lounge.  On Tuesday, they held a class in the lounge and since it was a rainy day, I went to class. Donuts were served.  Yum!  There has been a lab here, so I am not the only dog violating the rules. The head of customer service used to have a greyhound and she has said "Hi" to me each day, so I guess it is not an issue since I am so good.  I get talked to by most of the customers. They are amazed that I am so quiet.

We sat outside for a while on Monday since it was nice out.
 Each morning, we have to be ready for the tech.  We have to have all the slides in and ready for him to drive it away at 6:30 a.m.  That means that each morning we put everything away and at night, we put everything back out.  The days are long, but it has been fun being in the lounge.  It is not as boring as you would think since most of the customers are here for a week and we just sit around and talk and watch TV.  We go to lunch each day.  I really like this type of living.

The parking lot looks sad with all the motor homes gone.
 We have been very happy with everything that has been fixed.  Our Samsung microwave/convection oven has had problems since almost the beginning.  It had trouble heating up. So, they gave us a new Whirlpool microwave/convection oven.  We had thirty things on our list that needed to be fixed.  I can't remember them all, but I will try to list what has been fixed.  The screen door, the front door now will stay open when we want it to do so, radio antenna (didn't know it was broke), three new windows were installed (we didn't know they were a problem), shower trim replaced, washing machine fixed, cabinets sanded and touched up, new windshield wipers and arms, cracked floor tiles replaced, aqua hot pump replaced (we now have heat!), big slide was adjusted, outside lights replaced, shade motors replaced and shades adjusted so they are even when up and some other mechanical things that Mom and I don't understand.  I know there are other things that have been fixed but I can't remember.  Today, they are working on our toilet, bedroom slide, our couch. The couch is "L" shaped and when we travel, the "L" part has to be pushed in. The lock broke, so it doesn't stay in.  Our chairs are getting new fabric.  We were taught how to use our remote for the slides and our auto door lock is being programmed for us.

The rigs are brought back to their sites after 3 p.m. each day. Sometimes it is after 4 p.m. We usually talk to our tech to see what has been accomplished.  Our rep meets with us in the morning to go over what is scheduled for the day.  It is very organized.

Our new microwave.

Tuesday, listening to the class.

I moved off the rug.

Back on the rug.

The customer lounge is really nice.

There I am. See me?

The Greyhound Who Likes Living At Entegra

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