Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I Went Squirrel Hunting

We moved to our new campground on Sunday.  It wasn't without some drama though.  We were ready to go and then one of our slide toppers decided not to roll up properly.  Dad tried it several times.  He then looked up information on the Internet.  Then, the tools and ladder came out.  Mom didn't think he would be able to fix it.  It was really cold as the wind was really gusty.  Dad unscrewed a few screws and then came inside and pushed the slide button.  A big BANG occurred which made Mom scream.  Dad went back outside and looked at the slide topper and declared it fixed.  He thinks the screws needed to be loosened so that it could fix itself.

We finally got on the road.  I rode with Mom.  It was a long drive due to construction.  It took us about an hour and a half.  We finally arrived at the campground.  Mom was disappointed to learn that we didn't get the site that she was told was ours.  We ended up in a site next to a very messy neighbor.

The last time we were here, corporate was here and the managers were nervous.  I guess some changes have been made. There used to be blue tarps on many of the campers.  They must have said no blue tarps because now they have gray ones.  Some of the messy neighbors that were here are gone, but new ones have moved in.  There is a wait list to get in and Dad said they could easily clean out the messy people and fill the place up with new people.  They could enforce the rules, but they just don't do it.  Mom gets so aggravated when rules are not enforced.  However, she is violating the rules herself.  She put our lawn chairs, garden flag and wind chime out on our site.  Those items are against the rules.  She is not worried since most people have those things plus junk and no one seems to care. We haven't complained because we don't want to make enemies.  Management definitely knows they are messy and allows it.

Breaking the rules.
Why do we stay?  Well, the location is great.  Dad's drive is much better. The campground has a really nice dog park for me and there are SQUIRRELS!

Mom took me squirrel hunting today.

This guy was a lot of fun.
A couple people cheered me on while I was hunting.  I followed this guy around for quite a while.

The Greyhound Who Loves Squirrels

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