Thursday, October 7, 2021

We Finally Made It To Kanab And A Day At The North Rim Of The Grand Canyon

 We finally made it to Kanab, UT.  This is where the greyhound event is being held this weekend. There are signs all over town promoting it.

Kanab is a nice town.  There are two grocery stores and several restaurants. The grocery stores are still pricey, but not as bad as other places we have been on this trip. There is not a Walmart or a Target. We haven't seen a Walmart since we left Colorado.  Mom has been frustrated with the high prices.  Oh and don't get us started on the cost of gas on this trip.  Our budget was blown halfway through the trip and we still have to drive home. 

We arrived here on a Saturday.  The campground has a dog park that I love.  I am not thrilled with the gravel that I have to walk on to get to it but our site is about as close as it can be to it, so I am happy.  There are several dogs here.  Another greyhound arrived yesterday. I know that there will be a few more as the week goes on.

An action shot.  Yes, I am flying with my toy.

On Sunday, we drove to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  The folks said it is totally different from the South Rim.  When you drive to the North Rim, you go through quite a bit of woodsy area. The trees are beautiful right now.  The pictures of the trees were taken inside the van and the windshield was dirty as you can see from the photos. Only 10% of the Grand Canyon visitors come to the North Rim. We had a 25 minute wait to get into the park because there was only one employee taking the payment.  It is crazy that we had to wait that long.

There are two trails that dogs are allowed on but we didn't go on any of those.  I was fine with that.

There is really a lot to do and see in and around the Kanab area.  We have a busy week planned.


The Greyhound Who Loves A Good Dog Park

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  1. Even through the van windows those trees are beautiful. We hope you have a great time at the greyhound get together.


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