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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Monkey!

I have been so bored recently.  We are out of bully sticks and Mama can't find us anything that she feels is safe. It seems that almost all the bones in the store are processed in China and she won't buy those. We will have to wait until we get home to get our bully sticks delivered. Anyway, since I have been so bored aka getting on Mama's nerves, she brought us home a new toy.  It's a monkey.

Seriously, how can I bet getting on Mama's nerves?  I am trying to nap.

No, I am not going to look at the camera. I am taking a nap.  Go away!

Scout likes the monkey as much as I do.

Scout is a very happy camper.
The folks ate at Casa Maya on Saturday night.  It is a Mexican place that is in strip mall.  It is nicely decorated and bigger than it appears from the entry way. The wait staff was very nice and quick. The salsa was good, but Mama didn't care much for the tortilla chips. They were thick and she prefers thin ones. Mama ordered a Beef Chimichanga.  It had melted cheese on top along with sour cream and lettuce.  The beef was shredded which is what she prefers over just ground beef.  She said it was really good.

Beef Chimichanga with refried beans and rice.

This was Dad's dish. Not sure what it is.
Mama can't remember what Dad's dish was. She thinks it is pork, but can't find it on the menu.  He said it was pretty plain. He said he should have ordered something with more spice because he loves spicy foods.

This was a place that Mama would like to visit again and Dad said he would, too.  He would just order something different the next time.

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The Greyhound Who Is Craving Bully Sticks


  1. Hey I have a monkey like that!!! Mine is orange and his name is Cheeto.

  2. Love the monkey. :)My babies don't care for toys. But they love their treats. Their favorite, or course, is Jones Natural Chews. Nothing from China at all. And nothing artificial.

  3. Now I know what would've taken the boredom away! Are you ready for it? They could've taken you to Casa Maya!
    Seriously though I am glad you got your monkey to play with! It is very cute but I hope you get some bully sticks soon!

  4. My vet posted a note on Facebook that Bully Sticks were recalled for possible salmonella health risks.
    The recall is listed at the FDA.gov. Web site... Please be careful!

  5. It was very nice of your mom to get you the monkey, but a monkey cannot compete with a bully stick.

  6. Poor monkey has a tough job keeping you entertained till you get more bully sticks.