Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bass Pro & Islamorada Fish Co

Scout and I were quite tired after our adventure on Sunday.  Yes, she did pee on my face.  I was quite upset by it.  Sure, I have peed on her, but she is a brindle. You can't see it on her. I am white.  I had yellow on my face.  I was really humiliated.  Mama brought me home and cleaned me up and Dad laughed at me.  I'm so glad we had the hiking trip to take my mind off of it.

After we got home from our hike, Mom and Dad left for dinner.  I was fine with that because I needed to recharge my batteries. They ate at a place that Dad loves.  Mama had never been there before.  They have a "rule" that they can't eat at chain restaurants they know while on this adventure, but Dad said they don't have that restaurant at home and Mama hasn't never been there, so it wasn't breaking the rule.  The place is called Islamorada Fish Co.  Mama said it was pretty inside.  There was a huge salt water tank.
Saltwater tank

Inside restaurant
 Mama decided to have the Country Fried Ribeye.   She didn't know if it would be good or not, but she regretted not trying it in Texas.  It came with mashed potatoes.  She ordered a side salad.  The waitress thought Mama had a choice of her sides, but the menu said she didn't.  Mama said if she could substitute a side salad for the veggies, that would be great.  Regardless, she wanted the side salad and the mashed potatoes.  The plate came out without the mashed potatoes.  LOL  The waitress said the chef was confused, but the folks think the waitress was new and confused.  They heard her mess up another order.  She was very nice though and it all came out fine.

The bread has sugar on top.  Very good.

The side salad.

Sportsman's Platter - shrimp and catfish. It was supposed to have alligator bites, but there is an alligator shortage according to the waitress.

Dad had calamari instead of alligator bites.  He said this was a huge serving.

Country Fried Ribeye- tasted better than it looks.  It was very tender.

The mashed potatoes finally made it to the table.
 The food was really good and Mama said that if Dad wants to make a repeat visit, she is willing.  They have a Cajun Pasta that sounds pretty good.

Islamorada Fish Co on Urbanspoon
After they ate, they walked to the Bass Pro Store that is connected.  If you don't know what Bass Pro is, it is a store that is full of fishing, hunting, camping items as well as clothing.  Mama likes their sweatshirts and t-shirts.  They didn't have any good sales going on though, so she didn't buy anything.

Inside Bass Pro

Lots of animals call Bass Pro home.

A view from the second floor.


Outside of Islamorada Fish Co
The campground has been a little busier with people coming and going this week. They cut the grass every week and we can't tell a difference, but I guess they can.  The place will be busier tomorrow night with people, but it is not as crazy as the KOA in Ohio was on weekends.

Mama has a chicken in the crock pot today.  We can't wait for dinner tonight! 

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