Friday, September 14, 2012

Feeling Fine Friday - #3

It's another Feeling Fine Friday here in Joliet. We have had three walks, vacuumed, printed out our Emeals grocery list and finished the laundry. Doing laundry here is not fun.  There is a high level of iron in the water.  There are signs that say your whites could turn yellow.  Mama has to add special stuff to the water to try and keep Dad's shirts white. It works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't. Last week, the water was yellow.  Yuck!  On the bright side, I won't be getting a bath here because Mama doesn't want me turning yellow.  Anyway, now the work is done and we can kick up our paws and relax!

I sure look handsome here.

Pretty view of the paddle boats.
Cub fans are everywhere!

Mama would like to put a Cardinals logo on this guy.  Last year, the Cardinals (baseball) had a rally squirrel.  It sure would look nice next to their Cubs dog.  LOL
Okay, we have a fun question for you.   Do you know what a "honey wagon" is in a campground? Mama saw that they offered it in their brochure and thought at first it might be a "welcome wagon" or a food truck.  They charge $15 for it to visit your site.

Are you ready?

Still don't know what it is?  LOL  It is used to empty your tanks if you don't have a sewer hook up.  We see the "pig man" driving it around all day long.  Maybe that is why he has such an attitude. LOL

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