Friday, September 21, 2012

We Are Confused....Where Are We?

We mentioned yesterday that Mama forgot she was in Chicago and thought the Browns were the home team here.  That's Cleveland, Mama.  It gets worse. When we first came here, we had the Chicago stations through our TV antenna. Mama discovered that we could pick up St. Louis channels through our satellite.  She never thought she was home, but she had to be sure and not pay attention to their weather. This week, we lost the St. Louis stations because we now have affiliate stations through Dish. You cannot have locals and affiliates.  That's the rules. We don't understand it, but that is the way it is.  The affiliates are ABC, NBC, and CBS out of  New York and Los Angeles. Boy, it is getting really confusing as to where we are.  We are hearing New York and Los Angeles news and their weather and seeing commercials for their events. 

Mama reminded us that we will be going home soon.

Mama:  "Guess what Scout?"
Mama: "We are going home in a few weeks."

Mama: "I know, we hate that our HUGE adventure is ending, but it's not ending forever.  We will be back on the road next March."

In case you are wondering, Scout was not really upset.  She was just yawning and Mama caught it with the camera.  LOL

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