Saturday, September 29, 2012

We Are Not In Illinois Anymore!

Bye Illinois
We packed up Goldie this morning and left Illinois.  Mama had to turn in our key card for the gate and came face to face with "pigman". He actually said "have a safe trip."  Wow!  Dad said he was probably just glad we were leaving because one less motor home in the campground. Mama was happy to leave.  She was always scared we would get in trouble for something. It was not a very relaxing stay. He never bothered us, but we knew if we did anything that he didn't like, we could be kicked out. 

Last weekend, Dad announced that he made reservations at another park and the train station is just outside of the park.  Dad's commute will be an hour less each day now.

Okay, so where are we?  It's a beautiful place!

If you said somewhere with an ocean, you are WRONG.

It is:
We are at Indiana Dunes State Park!  This place is so cool!  As you can see, there is a beach and the ranger said we can walk on it since swimming season is over!   Scout gets very excited when she touches sand, so she is going to go nuts.  She is going to have to wear her harness tomorrow because are going to play on the beach and dip our paws into the water!  We are also going to do a trail or two.  We wish we were staying longer than a week. 

Today is Scout's Gotcha Day!  She was adopted five years ago today.  Mama brought us home some rib eye steak to celebrate.

The Greyhound Who Is Going To The Beach!

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