Monday, October 1, 2012

A Tale Of Two Beachgoers

We were very excited about going to the beach yesterday.  Dad said we should wait until the afternoon to go so that we didn't freeze in the water.  We decided to walk a trail in the morning.  It leads to the beach. We put our beachwear on which means we both wore harnesses because Scout gets very excited in the sand.  Scout was not impressed with the sand here though. Let me tell you, it is harder walking in deep sand then you might think.  We walked and walked and it was tough going uphill in the sand.  Then something bad happened. We ran into steps!
Scout refused to go up.

I was not happy that Scout refused to go up the steps. I refused to come down for a while. It wasn't just that set of steps though.  There were steps as far as we could see.  Mama is going to buy a postcard today that shows all the steps so that we can show you.  There is no way Scout would have made it.  There was nothing on our trail guide that indicated all the steps.  The folks went to the visitor's center later in the day and there was a map and description that said the trail had many steps and not recommended for children. :::sigh:::

We came back to the RV and rested while the folks went to the visitors' center and then to lunch.  After they came home, we put our beachwear on and we drove to the beach.  Oh, boy!  We were very excited.

Our excitement didn't last long because one of us got very scared.  There were kites all of over and one of the kites even made a buzzing noise.  Not good!

So, who do you think was scared?
Was it Scout who was scared?

Was it me who was scared?
It was Scout, of course. I'm not scared of anything.  Scout wouldn't get near the water.  Mama was so disappointed because Scout loves water and she has been wanting to take her to the beach for years.  If it wasn't for the kites, we think she would have been okay. 

I loved the beach!  It was hard for Mama to take my photo and play with me at the same time.Dad couldn't help because he had to stay with Scout who refused to move.  I ran into the water and then when the water chased me, I drank it.  It was so cool!

This is all that Scout did.

Scout was very upset with Mama for taking her to the beach.  She refused to have anything to do with her for a few hours.  This morning Mama said the word "beach" and Scout gave her a stink-eye. 

I am having a blast here. This morning, we walked on a trail.  Scout almost gave a man a heart attack because she did like a ninja move on him as he walked by. Sand can make Scout a little nuts.  We apologized to him and hope we don't see him again. 

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