Thursday, October 25, 2012

Everyone Is Fine!

The last update we had on Grandpa was good.  He enjoyed a mainly liquid dinner last night. We hope he recovers quickly and is back home soon.  He is Dad's stepdad, which makes him Grandpa to us.  He is always helping us with things.  When we were in Illinois, Scout thought she saw him and when nuts.  She was so disappointed when she found out it wasn't Grandpa.

An old photo of me looking cool.

Dad is fine after encountering Hurricane Sandy. He emailed us yesterday to say it was mainly just windy.  He called us just before 9 p.m. to say that all was well and it was over. He said the other part of the island got hit harder than they did. 
Scout's nose looks really long.  BOL

Yesterday, Mama finished clearing out the junk/sewing room. The kitchen is about as done as it can be for now. She made what seems to be a daily trip to Goodwill.  They gave her more boxes to fill. LOL  (If you need boxes, check with your local Goodwill.  They are happy to give them away.) Today, Mama is tackling the basement which has all the Christmas stuff. She is going to keep her Grandparents ornaments that she was told came from Germany. She is not sure if that is true, but they are definitely very old.  She will take a photo to show you tomorrow.  She also wants to keep a little nativity ornament that is really old and an angel ornament that she has had since first grade. The rest will be donated.

I Look cute in hats, but I don't like them.
Mama's passport card arrived yesterday.  She can now travel to Canada and Mexico.  It is not the same as a regular passport because it only allows her to DRIVE into Canada and Mexico.  So, if we are sent to Canada, we are ready!

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