Friday, October 12, 2012

Off The Road For A Week

We have been home for a week now.  We have accomplished a lot.  Dad completed several tasks before he left on Monday.  Since Monday, Mama has painted two bedrooms, made four trips to Goodwill, applied for her passport, got a haircut, looked for landscaping plants and did a few other things.  She has been busy!   She still has a lot to do.  She needs to paint the trim that Dad bought to put up when he gets home.  There is still more purging to do here.  She has some items that she wants to take to a consignment store.

Yesterday, she painted the other bedroom.  This is her sewing/junk room.  The painting of this room went very smoothly.  She completed it in four hours.  We did have one incident when she opened the windows in that room.  Ants were living in the window and she didn't notice them until she opened the windows.  The window sills were covered with hundreds of ants.  I thought it was pretty cool.  She sprayed them and wouldn't let me near them.

The before photo.  It really was a pretty purple.

During the painting.
Completed!  It is the same color as the other bedroom.
I have been enjoying the deck.  I have only seen one bunny though.  What happened to all the others? I came close to catching a squirrel, but he got a way.  At night, I like to lay in front of the front door and look out.  I haven't seen anything interesting, but you never know what might pass by.
Watching over my kingdom.
Normally, I sleep in the living room at night, but since Dad has been away, I have been sleeping in the bedroom with Mama and Scout. Scout and I each have our own beds in the bedroom.  It is crowded in there, but I think Mama likes me being nearby at night.

The Greyhound Who Enjoys Watching Over His Kingdom

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