Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Painting And Purging Continues

Our title today doesn't sound good, does it?  LOL   Sunday, Mama started painting the trim for the bedrooms.  She had it almost completed, but then the Grand Folks brought more over.  Mama is taking a break for a few days from her painting.  Her back is a little sore from all the lifting and bending over.

Yesterday, she took more things to Goodwill.  Today, she took more things to the consignment shop.  She has another appointment for later in the week with the consignment shop and that may be it for a while.

She ordered a few books for our next adventure from Amazon and they arrived yesterday.  She loves Amazon because you can buy used books that are in great condition.  She has a Kindle, but she wanted a real copy of the travel books.  The first book is the National Geographic Guide to National Parks of the United States.  It seems to have a lot of useful information.  The second book is Watch It Made In The U.S.A.  This book is a guide to to the best factory tours and company museums.  This would have come in handy on our last HUGE adventure.  Mama is very happy with both of the books.

Scout and I have just been hanging out watching Mama box things up. We have had a few good runs in the yard.  Mama says we are being very good for her.  I spend as much time as possible on the deck watching over my kingdom.
The fall colors are really pretty here.  Here are a few from our yard. There are prettier colors elsewhere, but we don't always have our camera with us.  Maybe we will take a ride later this week and get better photos.

The Greyhound Who Is Staying On His Toes So He Doesn't Get Purged!  BOL

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