Friday, October 26, 2012


Yesterday, Mama went through all the boxes in the basement.  She was dreading that. She doesn't like being in that basement.  She went through all the Christmas boxes and found the items she wanted to keep.  She found another large plastic container that held her wedding gown, but it also held other treasures that she had forgotten about.

Some of the treasures.

This is one of the ornaments we told you about.  It belonged to her Grandparents on her Dad's side.  Notice the hook. it is made of a wire and rope.

We have five of these.  One broke several years ago.

This is a crochet hook that is handmade. A note attached to it said it was made by Minne Todd.  Mama's Great Grandmother was a Todd, but her name was not Minnie.  She is unsure who Minnie was.  She tried to do a little research, but so far doesn't have the answer.

This nativity ornament has always been on Mama's family Christmas tree.  She is not sure how old it is, but it is old. The angel was bought when Mama was in first grade, so it's OLD, too.

This dress was Mama's.  It was crocheted by Mama's Grandma, her Dad's Mom.

This was given to Mama's brother on his first Christmas.  He didn't want it, so Mama has it.  It is 52 years old.  It used to be a brass color, but Mama repainted it about 30 years ago.

A hat made by Mama's grandma.
This is a harmonica that was owned by Mama's Great Grandfather on her Mom's side.  It is dated 1836, but we don't know if that is when it was made. The writing on it is hard to make out, so we need to find a magnifying glass which is probably at Goodwill.  LOL
Having all of these things is bittersweet for Mama. She doesn't have anyone to leave them to on her side of the family.  She is going to pack them into the china cabinet for now.

Two more huge trips were made to Goodwill yesterday.  The guys there give Mama a big wave when they see her coming. She told them that we are going to be living in our RV full-time.  Their eyes got HUGE. I guess they have never heard of that before. BOL   Mama made a lot of trips up and down the steps yesterday, so she was really tired last night.  She still needs to go through a box that has diplomas and other personal items. The basement is about 75% done.   The next room is the garage and Mama is more than scared to open boxes out there.  When we came home from our trip, there was a very long snake skin in the garage. Where is the rest of the snake?  Yeah, so Mama is putting the garage off for as long as she can. 

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