Monday, October 29, 2012


Since we will be leaving soon to start another HUGE adventure, Mama has been eating at her favorite places here. There is a small place in Washington, MO that she has been wanting to try.  She mentioned it to Grandma and said she would like to try it, too. Dad and Grandpa just laughed at them. Mama asked Aunt Pam if she wanted to go and she said "Wimpy's"?  You see Wimpy's has been around since 1935.  They serve brain sandwiches.  They also serve burgers. BOL

Mama thought the decor was really cute.  There are pictures of Wimpy on the wall.
The table is covered in Popeye comic strips.
Wimpy photos are on the wall as well as articles and photos of the place throughout the years.

There are three booths and the rest of the seating is around the counter.

Everyone ordered the same thing; large cheeseburgers, mushrooms and a soda.

Yes, this is the LARGE cheeseburger.  The cheese is hidden on the bottom.  They wondered what a small burger looked like.

The food was good, not great.  Mama just enjoyed taking in the place.  The place filled up with regular customers quickly.  They knew they were regulars because the wait staff knew them by name and smiled at them.  They never smiled at Mama's group.

When they left, Aunt Pam and Grandma talked about the grease smell.  Mama hadn't noticed it. Well, once she reached the car, she smelled it. They all smelled like grease.  I guess that is what you call a greasy spoon!  BOL, BOL, BOL!  Mama said she probably will not go back, but she was glad she had tried it.  She has now marked it off her bucketlist.

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The Greyhound Who Thought Mama Smelled Yummy After Eating At Wimpy's

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