Sunday, October 28, 2012

Trying To Give Our House Curb Appeal

Our house is a 40 year old house without curb appeal.  The first time Mama drove by it, she was not impressed.  However, the photos of the inside that she saw on the Internet impressed her, so she decided to look at it.  The inside is nicely updated and we really like it.  It's the outside that needs help.  Our house is a white house in the shape of rectangle with green shutters.  It does not have a covered porch and that really makes it look, well, basically like a mobile home.  Lowe's has their shrubs on sale for 50% off, so Mama bought some yesterday.  She bought 11 Blue Rug Juniper and six Heavenly Bamboo.  The Heavenly Bamboo changes color throughout the seasons. In the winter, it will be red and that is what Mama wanted. It does not loose its' leaves.  There are currently a few rose bushes in the landscaping, but they are looking sad since winter is coming.  Mama planned on planting all around the porch.  She was quite surprised to find one section is concrete with mulch on top.  That spoiled her plans. She moved a concrete bench and a statue of a little boy in that area. The was not an easy task because they are quite heavy. She was determined though.  Mama was sad to see that our house still doesn't have curb appeal even with landscaping. She put mulch down today in hopes that it would help.  Well, it looks better, but still it is a sad looking house. She then cut the grass to mulch the leaves. It looks about as good as it is going to look.  Mama had dreams of painting the outside of the house a light brown.  That is obviously not going to happen now.  We know that someone will buy our house and hopefully they can give it curb appeal. 
We think it looks better in person than in photos.
Grandpa is home and doing great! Tomorrow, Mama's BFF is having surgery.  What is it with everyone having surgeries? 

The birds and squirrels have been quite active here since the temperatures have turned cooler.

If I am not looking out the front door, I am laying on the deck.  Scout prefers to lay on the couch or in the folks' bed during the day.  She is definitely not as adventurous as me.

The Greyhound Who Likes To Dig After He Runs

End of March - More Condo Updates

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