Saturday, October 6, 2012

Adjusting To A Home Without Wheels

It is harder than you think adjusting to being at home.  Mama keeps trying to flush the toilet with her foot. (The RV toilet has a foot pedal to flush.)  Mama opens the cabinets and says "We have so much stuff!"  She has started the purging though.  She has three bags of clothes ready to go to Goodwill.  There is a lot more sorting to do.  Mama is enjoying having a large shower.  She loves having a washer and dryer again. She has spent the past two days just doing laundry. 

Dad has been busy getting things in order for us. He had new tires put on the Jeep. It rides really smooth now and it is much quieter.  Our old tires had these bumps on them that made it very loud and rough.  Dad fixed the motion sensor light that is in the backyard so that Mama can now turn it on with a light switch instead of us having to turn it on by going in the yard. It sometimes wouldn't turn on and Mama would have to duck under a deck board and go down our ramp to make it come on.  She didn't like doing that.  It now comes on by just using the light switch.  Mama is happy.

The folks bought paint for the bedrooms.  Mama is going to paint them next week.  The people who lived here before painted two of the bedrooms a very dark purple.  The master bedroom is dark purple with gold. The new color is desert something.  It is a cream/light brown.  Mama is also going to paint trim and doors and Dad will put that up when he gets back next month.  The house will look nice when the painting and the trim are complete. 

Mama applied for a new debit card today.  Her debt number was stolen in Texas in May and she couldn't get a new one until we came home.  She also went grocery shopping today, so I think we are pretty set for our first week without Dad.

I am sad that we are no longer on the road. I look at the RV and whine.  I do like having extra room to run in the house.  Our bully sticks arrived yesterday, so I have been busying chewing.  Scout and I both got baths today because Mama said we were dirty from the beach.  We didn't leave a ring in the bathtub, so I think she was wrong. Dad agreed with us.  We are super soft now though.

Our drive coming home from Indiana was an easy one.  Here are the photos that Mama was too tired to upload for me the other day.

Goldie at the dump station at Indiana Dunes

Bye was fun!

Ready for takeoff.

A last look at Lake Michigan.  See the blue in the middle?  That is the lake.

Entering Illinois from Indiana

St. Louis, here we come!

Scout was tired on the trip home.

The Gateway Arch - it is always a welcome site when returning from a trip.

Scout is happy to be so close to home.

Back at home - watching the cable man install our cable box.

Scout watching the cable man.

Okay, the cable man is kind of boring.

The cable man is very boring.
Dad leaves for the airport at 3 a.m. on Monday.  He will be gone for a month, but then he will be home for about 2.5 weeks.  We will really miss him, of course, but I think Mama will keep us occupied with all her painting and purging.  We will update you next week on the painting. Mama is ready to get rid of the purple.

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