Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lots Of Hiking

Mama has been taking us hiking each day while Dad is at work. Monday afternoon, we set out to hike trail 9. We walked all the way across the campground and then across the parking lot to get to the trail. Scout THEN decided she didn't want to continue. She just laid down in the sand. Grrr!!! I was not happy. I refused to go back and Scout refused to go forward. I ended up loosing. Mama ended getting upset with both of us. We took Scout back to the RV and then Mama and I set out again.
Come on, Mama! 
 We walked on trail 9 for a while, but Mama said we couldn't walk the whole way because it was 3.5 miles each way.  She didn't want to walk 7 miles.

I wasn't happy about taking a shortcut, so I peed on the sign.
 Mama was a little nervous that maybe we took a wrong turn.  There are several trails and she didn't know which one this shortcut trail was on. We had a map, but....anyway.   We didn't see another soul during our entire hike.  I started getting a little concerned at one point, but then Mama said "Look, Joey, we have been here before!"  The shortcut was on trail 10, but it crossed over trail 9.

Yesterday morning, we set out on our morning walk.  We decided to walk on the main road. We walked much further than we planned and before we knew it, we were at the beach!  Chicago is across the lake and we can see it.  It doesn't show up with our camera though. It's 50 miles away.  Mama said "Kids, that's Chicago.  That is where you Dad is working."  Pretty cool!  We didn't go into the water.  Scout turned her butt to the water, so we didn't push it.  We were the only ones there, so no kites.  We walked back home and we were tired. We walked 2 miles. Scout did fine.  She loves to walk first thing in the morning.

Mama went shopping Monday and Tuesday.  She did not buy anything yesterday, but today, she bought yarn and some things from the National Park Store.

This is a magnet that shows all the steps that we would have taken on our trail on Sunday.  It's hard to see here, but this is all steps.
 Mama bought a pin to put on her walking stick.  Well, she doesn't have a walking stick yet, but she is going to get one for next year.  She said that as much as she has walked here, she deserves a pin. She also had her passport book stamped and bought the Indiana Dunes sticker for the passport book.

Mama said she ate lunch at Godfather's Pizza in Michigan City. They have an all you can eat buffet.  She said it was really good.  She didn't bring us any.

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