Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Shredding Papers Again

We spent seven hours yesterday shredding papers.  Mama had to go through all her tax papers, business papers and just old bills that she kept. Mama had a small business for almost fifteen years, so most those papers were shredded, too.  She decided to shred everything she was throwing away for safety.  We ended up with five big trash bags full of shredded paper. That's a lot of shredded paper.  Our paper shredder kept getting too hot and we had to let it cool down before it would work again.  Scout and I supervised.

Bunny reported yesterday on our meeting on Saturday.  Mama loves the photo of me and Bunny also the one of me and Scout. If you haven't checked it out yet, you should.  BOL

Dad's trip is about half over.  We are just taking a day at a time and not thinking about how much longer it is.  He said they are having a tropical storm today and we didn't even know about it until he told us.  We've been too busy to pay attention to much on the news.

This morning, I have been watching the squirrels.  It's a rainy morning and I can just watch them from my bed.  However, I got up to get a drink and Scout took my bed.  She is not even watching the squirrels.  She is wasting the bed.
We took some more pictures of our yard yesterday.  The colors are really pretty now.

There was a pretty sunset the other night.

Scout got up from the bed, so I need to grab it for more squirrel watching.

The Greyhound Who Enjoys Watching The Squirrels From His Bed

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