Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mama's Day Out

Yesterday, Mama decided to have a day out without us.  :-O   Can you believe that?  She started off the day by putting some items in our driveway with a "free" sign. She said she was tired to driving to Goodwill all the time and these were bigger items such as coolers, planters, camping chairs, a nice folding camping table and a few other things. She was surprised that no one stopped immediately, but was quite happy when she returned home and found everything gone except for the "free" sign.  She said she probably brightened a couple of people's day by finding these items. She was so tickled with having the items gone, that she has more items out today.  Does it look tacky?  Maybe, but it is only tacky for a few hours.  BOL

Mama decided to stop at Merb's Candy to buy the Grandfolks and herself Bionic Apples. These are big apples with caramel and nuts.  These are not your normal caramel apples though. The caramel is really rich.  Mama ate one last night and said it was the best she has ever had. We didn't get any of it.

She then stopped at Bed, Bath and Beyond to buy a jewelry holder. She planned on buying a larger one, but realized it was too long to hang in her closet in the RV. She chose the smaller one which is perfect because she doesn't have a lot of jewelry. She realizes the necklaces will probably get tangled.  She will make adjustments after she sees how it does.
Jewelry holder that can be hung or folded up.
 Mama then went to the dog museum that we visited with Bunny and Blueberry.  They told her she could tour for FREE since she was there last week with us. Wasn't that nice of them?  You have probably seen these items in Bunny's blog, but on the rare chance that you haven't, here are some items from the museum.

Painting of Millie, George and Barbara Bush's dog.

Whippets/greyhounds on couch.

Racing greyhounds.

Poster for "Greyhound Bus" promoting designated drivers for Spring break
Mama then decided to eat at Poor Richard's. This is a place that the folks really enjoy in Eureka, MO.  They have really good burgers. They offer a half order of breaded mushrooms and it is larger than most regular sized orders.  Mama has been craving their hot wings for months, so that is what she ordered.   The wings come with a salad and cheese garlic bread.


Wings and Cheese Garlic Bread
The wings were as good as she remembered.  They seemed to be deep fried and then dipped in a sauce and maybe baked.  She is not sure how they are made, but they are very good.  Their prices have gone up since she was last there in March.  Her lunch was pricey or at least pricey to her.  It was $13 with a Diet Pepsi.  The food was excellent as was the wait staff.

Poor Richards Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Mama then headed to the hospital to visit Grandpa. He wasn't feeling well yesterday. He said he felt fine after the surgery and the next day, but yesterday he was in pain and very sore. He may be allowed to come home today.

That was Mama's big day out. Scout and I just laid around all day.

The Greyhound Who Thinks Bionic Apples Look Good

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