Friday, October 19, 2012

Mama Faced Her Fear

Mama has had a big box of pictures for over 26 years. The thought of organizing it stressed her out. Miss Lori at What Remains Now has been talking about putting her pictures in a scrapbook and it just makes Mama feel faint thinking about it. Mama would love to do a scrapbook of our HUGE adventure, but, you guessed it, it stresses her out thinking about it.  Well, Mama finally had to face her fear with the pictures.  She had been planning on putting her pictures in storage, but was worried how they would do. She knew she had to take them out of that box.

The dreaded box of pictures.

Albums full of pictures.
 Mama started looking for a container to put the pictures in. She read that it needed to be acid free.  She found a container on Amazon that looked perfect. She ordered it. It arrived today.

This container holds 1,200 pictures.

It has 12 compartments that hold 100 photos each!
Mama started sorting the photos. She came up with pets, vacations, wedding, family, very old photos and her and Dad. 
Scout was nervous during the photo sorting.  She whined a lot.
Three and a half hours later and Mama is done!

Photos sorted and organized!

Cool, don't you think!
This really would be a great way to organize your photos if you did scrapbooking. 

Mama's next stressful task is going through all her tax records and figuring out what she needs to take with her.  YIKES!

Tomorrow is a special day for us.  We are going to meet two greyhounds that many of you know through their blog.  One of them is my half sister.  We look nothing alike. I look like our Dad and she doesn't. BOL

The Greyhound Who Thinks Photographs Smell Strange

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