Thursday, October 4, 2012

Another Day, Another Hike

We went on another morning hike yesterday. Scout loves to hike in the morning.  We are not sure how far we walked.  We started off in the campground and then we decided to go a different way on the road and the next thing we knew, we were at a boardwalk that crossed over a marsh. (I don't like boardwalks because I couldn't mark things without falling off.)  We decided to keep going and we ended up on Trail 10.  We walked it for quite a while, but turned around because it is ten miles round trip.  We are not ready for thalt yet.  We saw a couple coming up the trail in the exact same spot that Scout did the Ninja move earlier this week.  Scout had been practicing here jumping moves in the sand before we saw them. Mama held onto her this time and told the couple that she is really nice, but excited in the sand.  They passed by us quickly.

Sunday, the folks ate at a restaurant in Valparaiso.  It is called Industrial Revolution.  Dad saw a brochure on the place and wanted to try it.  The restaurant is decorated with statues of the American worker.  It is unique.
See the men on top of the building?

There is a train track near the ceiling.  The train comes by from time to time.

Morning Shift Burger - Over easy egg, applewood smoked bacon and cheddar cheese on a fresh croissant. 
New Industrial Burger - Cajun seasoned, covered with pepper jack cheese, carmelized onions, jalapeƱos and spicy chipotle mayo, served on a patio bun. 

Mama chose the Morning Shift Burger.  The waitress brought out a raspberry syrup to add to the burger.  Mama just dipped the bread into it and really liked it.  It was a good burger.  The burgers come with garlic wedges or sweet potatoes fries.  They both chose the garlic wedges which were really good.

Dad had the New Industrial Burger and he liked it, too.

There were so many choices on the menu.  They would both like to go back.  Mama would like to try the burger that has roast beef on top.

Industrial Revolution on Urbanspoon

The food in this area has been really good! We are sad that our time here is ending soon.

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