Wednesday, October 24, 2012

"We Are Going To Need More Trash Bags!

That is what Mama said when she found another tub of papers that needed to be shredded.  Well, it's not the first thing she said, but maybe the second or third. I actually thought she was going to cry when she saw those papers.

Papers that needed to be shredded.
 We started out being pretty productive yesterday.  Mama decided she was going to finish the office by clearing out everything that was not staying. She looked up on the Internet how to clean up her hard drive so she could donate her computer.  It was an easy process.  She loaded up the desktop, monitor, printer table and the laser printer that she bought in 1995 for $1,500 in the Jeep.  Yes, that is how much she spent on that printer. That is what they used to cost. She needed it for the new business she was starting. Obviously, it was a work horse because it still works.  Mama worked it hard in the glory days of her business.  Yes, I think she was sad to say goodbye to it.  After she finished the office, she headed to the junk/sewing room and that is when she discovered the tub of papers.   She was very sad. She decided to go to Goodwill and drop off the donations, grab some lunch at Bandana's (BBQ place) and then start on the shredding.  She forgot to buy trash bags and had to head back out for that.  This bin took her about five hours to shred.  Our shredder only shreds six pages at a time and gets hot, so he needs to cool off. Finally, we finished at 8:15 p.m.

Today is a day of worry.  1) Grandpa is having surgery.  We are sure he will be fine, but still having surgery is scary.  2) Dad is in Jamaica and they are having a hurricane.  He said no one is concerned there.  They didn't board up any of the windows. We hope we hear from him tonight and he says everything is okay.

On the bright side, today is Mama's only niece's 16th birthday!  We hope she has a very happy day.

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